5 Questions About Queen Mary Of Denmark

Queen Mary questions

Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary is now Queen Mary, and people have questions about her, which is why we’re going to answer them here right now.

These questions came up in our Google Search Console data.

1. Can Queen Mary Speak Danish?

The first of our five questions is whether Queen Mary can speak Danish; the answer is yes, she can. When she and Frederik started getting serious in their relationship, she started learning the language. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it took her roughly 18 months to learn it fully.

Mary’s four children, Christian, Isabella, Vincent, and Josephine, once joked in an interview that their mother speaks Danish with an Australian accent. Other people have said the same thing.

2. What Was Queen Mary Doing Before Her Marriage?

Before Mary became Crown Princess, she worked in advertising in Melbourne, Australia, away from her home in Tasmania.

3. Did Queen Mary Appear In Downton Abbey?

Queen Mary of Denmark does NOT appear in Downton Abbey. However, another Queen Mary appears. The first Downton Abbey movie brings in Queen Mary of Teck, the grandmother of the late Queen Elizabeth II, played by Geraldine James.

4. When Did Queen Mary Marry King Frederik?

Mary and Frederik married on May 14 2004. A year later, they would welcome Christian.

5. Did Queen Mary Divorce King Frederik?

Despite rumours of an affair, Queen Mary did NOT divorce King Frederik.

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