Only One Queen: Prince Charles Saw Duchess Meghan’s Struggles Coming


It is no secret that Prince Charles has a soft spot for his daughters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan, but did he see the Duchess of Sussex’s struggles before they surfaced?

Say what you want about Prince Charles, but it was nice of him to walk daughter-in-law, Meghan part way down the aisle on her wedding day. However, royal author, Nigel Cawthorne believes the future King of England might’ve seen the Duchess of Sussex’s struggles coming.

In an article for Marie Claire, Cawthorne who has written a book on Prince Andrew, has said that Charles could do little for Meghan except offer ‘moral support’.

Cawthorne says that the prince loves strong women. However, he also knows that there is only room for one Queen: his mother. The writer also concludes that Charles could see that his son and daughter-in-law made the family’s popularity rise. He even compared it to how Andrew and his then-wife Sarah Ferguson “Fergie” did in their time.

The article makes the compelling point that some of Charles’ friends came to the conclusion that the future monarch likely didn’t oppose Meghan and Harry’s exit as he wanted to keep the monarchy as small as possible.

Does Not Opposing Megxit Make Charles Insensitive Towards Harry?

To give any sort of answer to this question, we need to think about it from Charles’ perspective.

In his mind, he’s weeding out the ‘bottom feeders’. We’re not saying that to be hurtful, by the way. For Charles, the only line of succession should be the following:

  • Himself (future King)
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (his heir)
  • Prince George (William’s heir – second-in-line when grandfather becomes king)
  • Princess Charlotte
  • Prince Louis
  • Future great-grandchildren

The rest of the current line of succession will likely never rule the Commonwealth.

For Charles not to fight Harry and Meghan’s decision is high praise as he always knew that his youngest son would follow a similar path as his sister and younger brothers; Anne, Andrew, and Edward, respectively.

Being as far down on the food chain as Harry and Archie are, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever get close to the throne. If anything, Charles did them a favour.

However, it should be noted that one of the ‘reasons’ why Harry and Meghan left the royals was because they felt “sidelined”. Whether we believe that is a whole other post.

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