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How Meghan’s Obsession With Princess Diana Seems To Affect Harry And Is He Aware Of His Wife’s Infatuation With His Late Mother?

Diana Obsession

We theorise about Meghan’s Princess Diana obsession and how husband Prince Harry feels about it…

Meghan’s ghosted family and her former friends have said that she had a Diana obsession from a young age. Her former best friend of 30 years, Ninaki Priddy said (as per the Straits Times) that the now-Duchess of Sussex was “always fascinated by the royal family and she wants to be Diana 2.0.” This was stated in Andrew Morton’s biography on Meghan, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, according to

In the same book as per the aforementioned News-Mail article, Sonia, the mother of one of Meghan’s former friends, Suzy gave Meghan a copy of Morton’s biography on Diana: Her True Story. What makes Markle’s Diana obsession even more obvious is Andrew says it was Diana’s work with underprivileged children ‘inspired’ the former actress and her friend to collect clothing for less privileged kids. It is even stated that the now-Duchess of Sussex related to the late Princess of Wales’ humanitarian work and her fashion sense. She even watched the funeral which included close-ups of an envelope containing a letter from a then-12-year-old Prince Harry.

Side-By-Side Comparisons Of Meghan’s Diana Obsession Wardrobe And Mannerisms

As stated in Morton’s book on Meghan, there was a rather creepy obsession Meghan had with her late mother-in-law’s wardrobe. This was even backed up by Markle’s half-sister Samantha as stated in a article from March 2021. The estranged half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex also stated that her sister’s Diana obsession was so intense that she even copied Diana’s mannerisms. She told Fifi, Byron & Fev on a Melbourne radio show:

Meghan went to great lengths to study Diana, to mimic her clothing, to mimic her body language, and to wear Diana’s perfume on their first date.

Samantha Markle on half-sister Meghan’s Diana obsession

No matter how you might feel about the eldest of Thomas Markle’s daughters, she’s right. If you watch Meghan in the Oprah interview, she mimics the late Princess of Wales’, body language, makeup (the dark eyeliner) and the idea that she is wearing black like Diana did in her Panorama interview.

Photo Gallery Of Meghan’s Fashion Choices vs. Diana’s

Now, before all you Meghan fans abuse us and say, “Kate dresses like Diana too”, yes, she does but she doesn’t do it all the time. She also has her own style. She, unlike Markle, reuses her outfits and wears them multiple times in different ways after some time has passed.

It should be noted that Meghan doesn’t try to hide her Diana obsession, except probably Harry which we will come to shortly. She wants the world to compare her to the mother-in-law she will never be and know. If anything, her husband is oblivious to everything she does that even remotely resembles his beloved mother.


As Samantha points out to Fifi, Bryon, and Fev, her sister copies Diana’s mannerism to a tee. Since she was a fan growing up, she would’ve seen the way the late princess moved. We’ve addressed this before in another post but we’re going much deeper in this breakdown of Meghan’s Diana obsession.

Samantha might be a lot of things but she was spot on with the mannerisms. The body language above were just a few of the ones we’ve noticed and seen in the last five years.

How Harry Possibly Feels About His Wife Pretending To Be His Mum

Now, we know Harry is always trying to defend his mother’s legacy. We know that pre-Meghan, he gave William their mum’s engagement ring as he wanted to see the piece of jewelry on a future Queen consort. However, how does he feel about his beloved Meg dressing and making herself out to be Diana reincarnated? In the already mentioned (and linked) News-Mail article, Andrew Morton is quoted as saying the following:

When you think about it, Diana was 36 when she died, Meghan was 36 when she arrives, and she’s, in a way, physically picked up the flag that was dropped by Diana.

A quote from Andrew Morton’s biography on Meghan, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

Meghan believes she is the chosen one to be the new Princess Diana. This is exactly what Ninaki Priddy said. Now, whether Harry notices any of her ‘Diana’ behaviour is uncertain. Though, if anyone else has, they would be very uncomfortable. If the Duke of Sussex weren’t so blind, he would’ve noticed some of the things she does. Though, his apparent love for her is what makes him unwilling to see what is truly going on.

While she is beautiful and might appear to have the might qualities that Harry was originally looking for in a wife, she has another side to her. We do not know her personally, for all those Sugars wanting to scream at us. It is the stories that have come out in droves about her from those who’ve worked with her that speak volumes. Here is a woman who doesn’t like being told she is not powerful or displays any concern for those who are not rich.

If Harry has been watching what his wife has been trying to display, then he should be standing up to her.

Meghan’s Behaviour Does Not Match Diana’s

Diana would never stab people in the back to get what she wanted. Meghan does just that. She used her father and her ex-husband to get into acting. When they were no longer of any use to her, she sent her wedding and engagement rings back in the mail to Trevor and ghosts her dad for doing the same thing she has done; using the tabloids.

The late Princess of Wales only ever had a beef with her ex-husband, Prince Charles. She respected the royal family for what it was at the time. Meghan, however, hates probably anyone and just says she’s close to The Queen and the late Prince Philip. After all, she reportedly was jealous of Catherine, Beatrice, and Eugenie.

Diana did the Panorama interview as a way of getting the truth out there. You could see in her body language and hear in her voice she was telling the truth. Meghan’s so-called ‘bombshell’ sit down with Oprah is her way of trashing the whole family. Also, what is this shit about her being friends with Eugenie but not knowing Harry? Didn’t he ever come up in conversation if they were ‘tight’? We will go over this in another post.

Meghan wants to be world-famous. Diana did not. She couldn’t help that the world came to adore her. As she says in her Panorama interview, Charles became jealous of how the crowds wanted to see her and not him. Markle and Harry use this narrative to say that the royal family was jealous of her performance on their Australia tour.

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