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Sequel series are all the rage right now. Disney Channel hit, Wizards of Waverly Place has spawned Wizards Beyond Waverly Place coming to Disney+.

What happens when you leave magic behind to raise a family? Justin Russo is learning just that. In the years following the “return” episode Alex vs. Alex, the eldest of the Russo siblings is now the father of two young sons. His wife, much like his mother, is mortal.

Just a bit of context, David Henrie who plays Justin Russo, did not appear in Alex vs. Alex. At the time, he wanted to move on with his acting career. However, the character is referenced several times. Also, the in-universe explanation they gave is that he was busy being the headmaster of WizTech as Alex (Selena Gomez) calls him and he never answers.

In the years after this film, Justin has broken up with his Vampire girlfriend, Juliet, and has married a mortal woman named Giada. Together they have two magical sons, Roman (whom Alex adores) and Milo.

Also, at some point between meeting Giada and marrying her, Justin leaves his position as Headmaster and therefore, gives up his powers.

Another piece of context we need to give is that the Wizard Competition is for the siblings to prove they are capable of being the Russo family wizard. In other words, only one of them could be victorious.

Alex wins the contest and becomes the Russo family wizard. However, the only reason Justin ends up a wizard again is because Professor Crumbs (the late Ian Abercrombie), the original headmaster, retires. He grants his successor his abilities back so he can teach at the magical school.

Max (Jake T. Austin), meanwhile, loses his abilities altogether. But he ends up with the family Sub Station restaurant.

Now, how do we know that Justin Russo gave up his powers to marry Giada? Well, it’s explained in the original show that wizards cannot marry mortals. Jerry won the contest between himself, his brother Kelbo, and their sister Megan. But because he loved Theresa, who was human, he gave his brother his powers.

It’s unlikely that this rule has changed in such a short space of time. Justin’s life is very similar to that of his father’s. He has two siblings, one sister, and one brother and he had magical abilities that he gave up to marry the woman he loved. Also, he had children born to his mortal wife who ended up as wizards.

For potential references that could be addressed in Wizards Beyond Waverly Place, please check out this video from Ms Mojo.

Wizards Beyond Waverly Place Cast

So, what do we know about the cast for the Wizards Beyond Waverly Place?

We know that David Henrie will return as Justin Russo.

Also, Mimi Gianopulos will be playing Giada Russo, Justin’s wife.

Selena Gomez will appear in at least the pilot episode as Alex Russo, Justin’s sister. She will also be an executive producer, alongside David Henrie.

Alkaio Thiele and Max Matenko will portray Justin and Giada’s sons, Roman and Milo Russo, respectively.

It was also announced that Max, Jerry and Theresa are due to appear too. Jake T. Austin announced via his Instagram stories that appeared on Entertainment Tonight that he would be back as Max alongside David DeLuise and Maria Canals-Barrera (Jerry and Theresa).

Adding to the cast is Janice LeAnne Brown will star as Billie, a young wizard Alex takes to Justin for training. Joining her is Taylor Cora as Winter, Billie’s best friend (the new version of Harper).

Wizards Beyond Waverly Place’s producers are the same ones from the original show.

There is a question mark of whether Jennifer Stone will appear as Harper. We don’t believe so as she has allegedly retired from acting and is now a nurse.

Wizards Beyond Waverly Place is due to drop on Disney Channel and Disney+ in late 2024.

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