What Is Going On With Team Green? Aemond Tries To Assassinate Aegon And Alicent Was Potentially Pregnant?

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What is going on with Aemond and Alicent? In the most recent episode of House of the Dragon, The Red Dragon and the Gold’, we got two surprises we were not expecting from Team Green. The first is that the Dowager Queen is seen drinking Moon Tea while her youngest son, tries to take out Aegon.

Let’s break this down, shall we? For those who are only new to the Game of Thrones universe, Moon Tea is given to women to prevent or terminate an unwanted pregnancy.  During early Season 1, young Rhaenyra is given the concoction to prevent a ‘bastard’ child from being born to her and Daemon when it is believed she slept with him.

At this point, she and Daemon had only kissed, though they almost did have sex, but they stopped before it could get that far. When Alicent finds out about this, she is upset. However, fast-forward, and Alicent is doing the same thing, but with Criston Cole.

Alicent Shamed Rhaenyra For Doing The Same She Is Now Doing

Let’s not forget they both shamed Rhaenyra for having three bastard sons born to Harwin Strong, but then passing them off as her husband Laenor’s children. Yet, it’s okay for Alicent to go around sleeping with Criston? Like we’ve said before, HYPOCRITES!

Also, we questioned during the premiere how long the secret affair has been going on. Was it happening while Viserys was still alive, unable to do anything due to his illness? Who knows. But given that Alicent says, “We cannot keep doing this,” or whatever the line was, it sounds like it’s been going on for a while.

To add fuel to the fire, Helaena forgives her mother, but it’s not made clear what she’s forgiving Alicent for. It is possible that it has to do with the night Jaehaerys was killed where Criston was nowhere to be found. Oh, wait. He was screwing the Queen Dowager.

It will be interesting to see if Alicent was pregnant by Criston Cole and whether he finds out about it.

From Alicent To Aemond’s Murderous Streak

Let’s move on to Aemond. What the heck is going on? Readers of Fire and Blood will know that Aegon’s younger brother wanted to be king. However, he never tried to take his sibling out.

In this week’s House of the Dragon, during the Battle of Rook’s Rest, which sees the deaths of Princess Rhaenys and her dragon, Meleys, Aemond sees his chance to kill his brother. Why? So he can take the throne. He orders Vhagar to rain fire on Sunfyre and Aegon.

Once they are heavily wounded on the ground, Aemond unsheaths his sword but is stopped by Criston Cole before he can even move towards the king and his fallen dragon.

We’ve seen recently that Aemond hates Aegon. He’s always despised his older brother even more than he does Luke and Jace.

Alicent Didn’t Discipline Aegon And Aemond As Boys

As typical siblings do, Aegon picked on Aemond something terrible as they were growing up. We get a taste of this during the previous episode in the brothel. Aegon finds his brother with Sylvi, the madam to whom he lost his virginity.

Sure, the fight between Luke and Aemond was bad when they were younger. However, the middle son of Viserys and Alicent, being picked on by Aegon had a profound impact on him. It left him traumatised to the point he silently plotted to take his brother out.

Aegon is already responsible for the deaths of two family members. His nephew Luke and his father’s cousin, Rhaenys. We know that much later on, he will also face off against his uncle, Daemon, and both will perish over the God’s Eye Lake. Whether that is how it will play out in the show, we don’t know yet. It’s likely to be a battle for Season 3.

Alicent even said that her sons have turned out not great. Aegon is a manchild who has no clue as to what he is doing as king and Aemond is a danger to those he holds a grudge against. They’re out of control, in other words.

We’ve read Fire and the Blood and while the book gave a snapshot into Aegon and Aemond very different personas, it’s clear that they believe themselves to be rightful heirs. However, it’s clear that the younger brother will relish in being Prince Regent as the king recovers from the injuries he caused.

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