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Why Meghan Markle Could Never Stand Catherine, The Princess Of Wales – OPINION

Meghan hates Catherine

Meghan Markle hates Catherine, the Princess of Wales, for an endless number of reasons. We’ve known this since the former actress mentioned “Princess Kate” on The Tig and assumed they’d be BFFs! Well, they’re not, and they were never going to be.

A longstanding theory exists that Meghan hates Catherine because the Princess of Wales is married to Prince William. While this is entirely possible, another possibility that sits deeper is population. What we mean by this stems from how beloved the Princess is to the world. If something were to happen to her, there would be an outpouring of grief.

Meghan Hates Catherine Because George, Charlotte And Louis Outrank Harry

Meghan Markle couldn’t care less. Why? Because she wants to be the one who is loved and admired. She wants to be the head biatch in charge. Regarding the British monarchy, she (or rather, Harry) would never be higher than fourth place behind Prince Louis, who follows his brother and sister, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in the line of succession. That’s right, folks. the Sussexes are outranked by children.

Meghan hates Catherine as much as she does because the Princess of Wales will someday become Her Majesty Queen Catherine. Markle will be… well, the Duchess of Sussex. After Queen Elizabeth’s death, William, Catherine and their children underwent three name changes in two days. When the kids were taken to school the day their great-grandmother passed, they went in as the Cambridge children. When they got home they were the Cornwall and Cambridges. Then, the next day they became what they are today; the Waleses after the King made their parents the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Nope, No New Titles For You And A Love Of Cameras

The Sussexes will never get new titles. They will remain as they are. Archie will one day inherit the Duchy of Sussex despite never being there. That is why the family needs to remove their titles as the kids will grow up in America and have nothing to do with the United Kingdom as their mother will ban them from going, in fear they’ll never come back.

In Meghan’s mind, Catherine has always been adored, and nothing bad has ever happened to her. Naturally, being the narcissist she is, she is jealous because Catherine was papped in the early days of her relationship with William. Meghan never got that, which is why she hates Catherine.

Catherine struggled with the paparazzi stalking her constantly, but she soldiered through with it for William’s sake. She loved him enough to know that it would get better as his stepmother, Camilla, had to deal with it, as did his late mother, Diana. The reason why she is loved is because she didn’t bite back and go to the media every time she felt mistreated.

Meanwhile, Meghan ADORES attention, and she thrives when there’s a camera on her. However, during the Netflix docuseries, she had to use footage of Catherine being stalked and claiming it to be her because the paps didn’t stalk her.

The Backwards Life

Meghan and Harry live in a backward world where they believe that the 2020s is the late 1990s or the early 2000s. The early 2000s was the era of paparazzi. This was the era in which Catherine and William lived in while they were dating. This was also around the time that Britney Spears had her nervous breakdown. Meghan could’ve tried to get with Harry earlier so she was in that paparazzi craze, but she didn’t and she ruined her own chance to get the attention.

She acts scared during the Netflix thing because she wants sympathy. Meghan would’ve gotten it from those who are either sympathisers or don’t know anything about how the royal family works. In layman’s terms, Meghan hates Catherine because she got the pap’s attention without even trying. What she fails to realise is that when she was dating Harry, it was a very different time to when Catherine and William were dating.

There is a rumour out there, too, that Meghan wanted Catherine as her “personal advisor” and was pissed when she was told no. This was according to Kinsey Schofield when she was talking about Meghan being racist towards The Queen’s black equerry when she refused his help. This was also after she had rejected Sophie, the then-Countess of Wessex’s help.

There are also suggestions that Meghan hates Catherine so much because she refused to walk arm in arm with her at Wimbledon like they were best friends when they barely knew each other. The rumour says that Meghan would’ve done anything not to walk behind her sister-in-law. We’ve all seen this picture:

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