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Heritage Foundation Files Lawsuit Against Biden Administration To Have Prince Harry’s Visa Revealed – OPINION

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Look out, Prince Harry. The Heritage Foundation has launched a lawsuit against the Biden Administration to have the runaway royal’s visa unsealed. News reports have been coming out regarding the Heritage Foundation suing Homeland Security to get access to the prince’s visa.

Jack Royston (a Sussex supporter) wrote for Newsweek that if it is discovered that Prince Harry was let into the United States, despite having taken drugs in the past, it will be deemed as favouritism. The common denominator is Harry’s friendship with the Bidens, who are loyal to the monarchy. In addition, Jill will be present at the May 6th coronation—no U.S. president has ever been to a coronation.

The United States fought the American War of Independence to rid itself of monarchy rule. Anyone following the Sussex trainwreck for the last five years will know they also burn a ton of money in the name of a lawsuit. Also, it would look unruly if the president helped to cover up a foreign prince’s drug use of a visa application and then attended the coronation of his dad a few years later.

Prince Harry and Meghan have at least seven lawsuits in the works. The prince thought his visa would be acceptable because he was a prince. It is also unlikely that the Bidens had anything to do with it. Remember when the Sussexes arrived in the United States? It was under Trump’s presidency, not Biden’s.

Yes, there is the possibility that Biden did it under the radar as a thank-you to the Sussexes for supporting the democratic party, but who knows what happened? Honestly, I don’t think it matters because Meghan would speak on political matters regardless of whether Harry was there or who the Democratic candidate was.

Meghan just wants to get into politics but cannot get it through her thick head that you need a very thick skin due to the information-gathering political opponents do on their rivals. So she will not be able to cope with it.

Returning to Prince Harry’s visa situation, he must realise that he is not immune to the law. He should have been kicked out of the United States when it was discovered that he had a drug history. I’m sorry if that offends anyone. People, including the Sussex Squad, must realise he’s not unique. He’s not William and not crucial to his father’s reign.

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