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We’ve Been Expecting You, Percy Jackson – Trailer Drops On Seaweed Brain’s Birthday – Breakdown

Percy, trailer, breakdown

We know we’re behind on our trailer breakdown for the new Percy Jackson promo that dropped about three weeks ago on Seaweed Brain’s birthday (August 18). We’ve been busy with other points, but thought now was the best time to get into it. Unfortunately, there is no Luke Castellan in this promo.

The Empire State Building

The first shot we get is the doors to the Empire State Building that go to Mount Olympus. The doors then open to reveal Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell). While the shot is brief, as you only see Percy for a moment, you’ll notice if you hit pause on the trailer that he’s wearing two Camp Half-Blood necklaces. One is his, which has no beads, and the second is Annabeth Chase’s. A post now live on Project Fangirl explains this in a little more detail.

Sally Jackson’s Voiceover And Ares

trailer, breakdown

The following section is a voiceover from Percy’s mother, Sally, explaining the gods and a shot and first look at Ares, the god of war, a cousin to Percy and the father of his camp rival, Clarisse La Rue.

The Poseidon Cabin?

This next shot is confusing as we don’t know exactly where this is. It might be one of two places: the Poseidon cabin. This might be after Poseidon claims Percy, and he is sent to his own cabin rather than bunking with the Hermes kids like he was before his father claimed him. It might also be the Big House, but it is unlikely.

Capture The Flag

Percy Jackson, trailer, breakdown

This shot is the Athena team during the game of Capture the Flag. You can tell by the blue plumes on the helmets.

First Look At Medusa

trailer, breakdown

This next one was a surprise when we saw the promo for the first time. This is an extreme close-up of Medusa. You can make out the snake hair.

Grover And His Goat Legs

A shot we didn’t expect in this promo was a look at Grover and his goat legs. This will likely be when he reveals to Percy he’s a satyr. We’re not sure where this is. It might be Hermes cabin as it has bunk beds. Or it could be much earlier, like at Sally’s apartment where Percy lives with her and his vile stepdad.

Thalia’s Tree

Next, we have a first look at Thalia’s tree as Percy, Annabeth, and Grover set out on their quest for Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Grover With His Little Goat Ears

Here, we have a better look at Grover and his little goat ears. This might be when Percy awakens after the Minotaur attack.

Annabeth Stabs… Something

trailer, breakdown

Now, this next one is a question mark. We see Annabeth stabbing a monster, and it looks like she’s on the subway. However, we don’t know what the creature is as we can only see the toes. We’re not sure what the context is.

The Minotaur?

This one is a little hard to make out, too, as we don’t know whether this is the minotaur to one of the other creatures later in the season on the bridge. We also see a foot, which is likely Percy’s.

The Minotaur Attacks Sally, Percy And Grover

Percy Jackson, trailer, breakdown

In this shot, we get Sally and Grover as the Minotaur attacks the car. Percy is in the car, too, but we don’t see him.

Percy, Grover and Annabeth And Voiceover

Finally, we get a shot of Percy, Annabeth and Grover judging where they are; this is probably when they meet Ares. The voiceover is likely Zeus or Poseidon, or it could be Chiron, which we failed to mention in our previous post. But the bigger bet we have is Zeus (RIP Lance Reddick).

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