Percy Jackson

The Hades Cabin At Camp Half-Blood

Hades Cabin

Percy Jackson changed a lot in his world. He even paved the way for the non-Olympians to have their own cabins at Camp Half-Blood so their children feel more accepted instead of sharing the Hermes cabin. This includes a Hades cabin. The thirteenth cabin was designed by the son of Hades, Nico Di Angelo, who is the only camper to occupy the cabin most of the time. This is also the fourth cabin we’ve covered on Project Fangirl. The others were Hermes, Apollo and Hera.

However, his half-sister, Hazel Levesque, shares the Hades cabin with him whenever she visits Camp Half-Blood from Camp Jupiter. For those who mightn’t know, Hazel is a Roman demigod who is close to her Greek half-brother, who never had the chance to know their sister, her half-sister, Bianca.

The Wonders Of The Hades Cabin

The walls of the Hades cabin were made of Obsidian, and a skull hung above the door. The torches around the building burned with Greek fire, allowing them to burn for 24 hours. Inside the cabin, the beds are coffin-shaped and built with mahogany wood with railings made of brass.

The cabin also has a shine of bone and jewels.

It should be noted that since Nico is a child of Hades, hence, a child of the Big Three gods, he is incredibly powerful, putting him at around the same level as Percy Jackson, as he, too, is a child of the Big Three, as a son of Poseidon. The same can be said for Thalia Grace, a daughter of Zeus before she joined her immortal half-sister, Artemis’ maidens.

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