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Is Harry Potter A Horcrux?

Harry Potter, Horcrux

Did Lord Voldemort make Harry Potter a Horcrux? Well, the answer to that is yes, well, sort of, if you want to be specific. Harry did not fit within the typical parameters of being a Horcrux. Upon the Dark Lord’s murder of Lily Evans Potter, her son became a Horcrux, according to Albus Dumbledore.

Voldemort intended to kill Harry Potter when he went to Godric’s Hollow. However, he struck down the boys’ parents, unaware that Lily’s love for her son had caused a protection spell to form. When he tried to cast the Killing Curse, it backfired, making him lose his body.

Fast-forward sixteen years, and Voldemort’s arrogance caught up with him when he lured Harry into the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts and tried to kill him again. He used the lives of everyone fighting during the Battle of Hogwarts to draw Harry out of hiding.

Little did the Dark Lord realise Narcissa Malfoy, desperate to find her son, Draco, would lie to him and claim that Potter was dead. In reality, she knew The Boy Who Lived survived the attack. Whether Voldemort was aware that Harry was a Horcrux is unclear. However, he probably realised when Harry suddenly “woke up” in Hagrid’s arms that he was in serious trouble.

Also, we cannot forget that he killed a part of his soul when he used the Killing Curse on Harry that time in the forest. Finally, he untethered a part of his soul in an attempt to kill the boy as a baby and then killed the same part when he was an adult.

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