OPINION – We Need To Give Sarah Ferguson And Her Daughters, Princesses Beatrice And Eugenie A Break

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Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Duchess of York, should be celebrating being breast cancer-free. However, it was revealed in the last 24 hours that she had been diagnosed with melanoma. I have seen many people writing Prince Andrew’s ex-wife and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie’s mother off as a grifter.

I will never defend Prince Andrew. Ever. Of him, Edward and Charles, Andrew was the one I liked the least. Edward was always my favourite because he didn’t get into trouble like his older brothers. Charles was just “eh.”

Fergie is now different, and Sarah Ferguson does not deserve to be treated like she’s trash. Neither do her daughters. Andrew can rot for all I care and I’ll get more into that later.

Sarah Ferguson And Beatrice And Eugenie Should Not Be

Sarah, Beatrice and Eugenie should not be forced to be guilty by association, but unfortunately, they are. How much they knew about what Epstein, Maxwell and Weinstein were doing is questionable. But should they be crucified because of their interactions with these people? No, of course not. Also, Sarah Ferguson got excited at the Christmas walkabout. Sure, Beatrice had to reel her in, but her mother had not been on a walkabout for 30+ years.

The Yorks have always gotten a bad rap, and for a good reason. Fergie disgraced herself with dodgy business deals and trying to sell out her ex-husband for money. Oh, and there was the toe-sucking thing. Then, we have the tabloid BS about Beatrice and Eugenie being jealous of Catherine, the Princess of Wales, the “team-ups” with Camilla, and this other nonsense. There is no proof of any feuds between the blood princesses, the Queen and the Princess of Wales.

Sarah Ferguson And The Cancer Diagnosis

As for Fergie and her cancer diagnosis, it is not something we should be denying. Why would she make something like this up? There is a large difference between her and people like Meghan Markle. Sarah Ferguson doesn’t bash the royal family of which she was once a member. She has only ever said heartwarming things about the late Queen.

The Queen was quite fond of Fergie, though Prince Philip was not, so she was not allowed at most events. If Her Late Majesty didn’t like Sarah Ferguson, how did the Duchess of York end up with the corgis? Oh, right. It was Andrew who gave his mother the corgis.

A Parasite Known As Meghan Markle

On the other hand, Meghan Markle is a parasite that refuses to go away. The rumours are still making us question whether Eugenie is buddy-buddy with her. Though, it seems she has found herself siding with her Uncle Charles. She congratulated him and her Aunt Camilla on the coronation on Instagram. So, her loyalty is to her family.

Just because the horrible trio of Epstein, Weinstein and Maxwell attended Beatrice’s birthday party, doesn’t mean that the Princesses or their mother knew what was going on with them and Andrew. We may never know how much they knew.

Banning Prince Andrew From Every Event Is Not Helpful

Returning to what we referenced earlier with Andrew, he deserves everything he gets. However, he shouldn’t be banned from family events. There are a ton of people out there who think he should never be at anything, including private events. The one thing that made me cringe was the whole thing was where he was walking his mother into his father’s memorial service.

Guys, Andrew had every right to be there. Prince Philip is his father, too, and to escort his mother was a way of saying she supported him. I don’t see anything wrong with that. He hasn’t been found guilty of a crime. Do I believe he did something illegal with underage girls? I have no idea, but I certainly don’t trust Virginia Giuffre because she has been called out multiple times as a liar. Yet, I do not believe Andrew’s version either.

Did Fergie Know What Was Going On?

We don’t know how much Sarah Ferguson was aware of what was happening, but there is no way Fergie would have allowed her daughters to get mixed up in their father’s issues. Also, that brings me to something else. People are criticising Eugenie for speaking out on modern slavery. Guys, she has been speaking about this for years. It’s not something she just started doing. Usually, I wouldn’t be defending her given her Sussex ties, but Eugenie has been talking about this long before the allegations about her dad blew up big time.

The Anti-Slavery Collective started in 2017. While the allegations regarding Virginia have existed since about 2011, the story didn’t blow up to be as big until Andrew’s disastrous Nightline interview in 2019, two years after Eugenie’s charity began. If anything, Eugenie’s work shows she does not support the dangerous people her father was friends with, and no, I’m not being naive.

Yes, Fergie and Andrew have always been close, but that doesn’t mean she was in on his dealings. Sure, there are pictures of Sarah Ferguson at Soho House events where Weinstein was probably present, but so what?

There were dozens of other celebrities at the events, and they weren’t called out for a mere association. It’s double standards. So, is it okay for, say, Oprah to kiss Weinstein on the cheek but not for Sarah to be in the same location? Give me a break.

Oprah allegedly condemned Weinstein, as did Michael Moore, but it’s a bit late for that, Ms Winfrey. She hasn’t spoken about it since. At least Eugenie is talking about her passion for helping people.

To end this post, I wish Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson the best health.

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