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Oh, Big *sarcastic* Surprise! Meghan Markle Avoids Going To The Award Show With Prince Harry Because “One Of The Children Was Unwell” – OPINION

Meghan Markle skipped the Living Legends of Aviation Awards because it is alleged one of her children was unwell. Okay, this was a ploy to get Catherine, the Princess of Wales and King Charles out of the headlines. A child doesn’t randomly get sick at the same time as the aunt and grandfather they’ve never known are having health issues.

I don’t comment on the Sussex children, as it is not their fault that they were (allegedly) born to parents who are grifters. Also, I don’t jump into the surrogacy rumours. I have bought it up, but Meghan Markle plays games with the media. She always has and that is as afar as I’m going to go this whole thing.

Anyway, Meghan Markle hates it when she gets called out and has to find some way to get positive press, so she decides to pull the good mother card and say she was caring for unwell children. I’m sorry, but this attempt to get attention is transparent. Also, this whole story makes no sense. Why? Because Meghan and Harry leave their children for weeks at a time to do whatever. They never take Archie and Lili with them unless its to Costa Rica.

Meghan Markle Only Is “Mother Of The Year” When It Looks Good For Her

Meghan has never shown any interest in motherhood, and she has never been shown holding a baby correctly. Also, Harry makes out that she’s the world’s greatest mother. There is no such thing. He believes this because he sees his mother bought back from the grave, and he doesn’t even want to hear anyone say his mother wasn’t the perfect person he believes she was.

I hate saying this, but Diana was a victim of her own creation. She got into a car with a drunk driver, and she was flirted with the paparazzi. What happened to her, Dodi and Henri Paul was terrible, and I would never want anyone to face that fate, but Harry cannot accept that and his blinding hatred for the press is the reason for that.

William was able to accept that there were errors made by everyone involved. Diana. Dodi. Henri Paul. Mohamed Al-Fayed. You get the idea. Harry, believing that Meghan is his reincarnated mother, thinks he is saving the world by comparing his wife to his long departed mummy. Meghan Markle thought acting like Diana would make people fall at her feet, knowing how beloved she was. For a time it worked until the fog cleared. However, most of the royal family and the Spencers saw through her act, it is alleged. William, Catherine, Princess Anne, Camilla and others could see that Markle was blowing smoke up Harry’s behind to get him down the aisle.

Prince Harry Is Obsessed With His Wife Being His Mother

When Harry took Meghan to meet his mother’s family, he allegedly told them how similar she was to Diana. The Spencers were bewildered by this claim, not seeing any similarities between the former actress and their late sister.

Returning to the whole unwell children thing, people were predicting that since the announcement of Catherine’s hospital stay and Charles’ upcoming procedure, it would be Meghan Markle who was going to have the “health emergency.” However, it was pushed on the kids. This is just like all those times Catherine wore an outfit, and Meghan copied her a month later.

Conclusively, I am of the opinion that the unwell children narrative was a way to get attention back on Meghan Markle. Why? Because if she was the one to have a health issue, no one would care. She thought if she used the kids, people would forget about Catherine and Charles. Sorry, no. The public has no connection to the Sussex children. If it were George, Charlotte or Louis who were sick, people would be sympathetic because they have some link to the Waleses. Though their health prognosises wouldn’t be made public unless it was necessary.

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