Whatever Happened To Crown Prince Christian’s Rumoured Girlfriend?

Maria Chiara, Christian

It was rumoured that Crown Prince Christian of Denmark was dating Princess Maria Chiara of Bourbon Two Sicilies. However, the story isn’t as cut and dry as you may think it is. The rumour seemed to come out of nowhere.

However, it is believed (see the link in the next paragraph) that Chiara’s sister, Maria Carolina, might’ve triggered the rumour by posting a photo of Chiara, Christian and their group of friends at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Then, it was rumoured that Christian had introduced Maria Chiara to his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II. However, Chiara then denied she was dating the future King of Denmark. According to Nine Honey, she had to clarify that the prince is a “close friend.”

We did hear speculation that Maria Chiara and her sister made the whole thing up for attention. We don’t know if that is at all true. Anything is possible. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, it also pays to know what the context of the photo is. Just because a guy and a girl look cozy, it doesn’t mean they’re dating.

Christian Needs To Be Careful

Since Christian is a future king, he will always have some speculation hanging over his head. All royals do, and there will be women seeking to position themselves in the higher-ups of society.

The British are very weary of this, too. Let’s hope that king Frederik and Queen Mary sat Christian down and gave him the talk about the warning signs when he started dating.

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