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Meghan Has A “Great” Role Model: Her Mother – OPINION

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Meghan Markle believes she is a great role model for young girls since “she is a princess”, though she has one of her own: her mother, Doria. What she doesn’t want people to know is she acts a lot like her mum in the worst possible way.

Since it is mother’s day in Australia and the United States, we thought we’d explain why Meghan’s biggest motherly role model is Doria.

Meghan And Doria: The Role Models Who Are Always Absent

According to Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, Doria and Meghan didn’t have a good relationship as she was growing up. Doria was absent for a large portion of her daughter’s childhood. Where she was, no one knows. Though, Bower has said that he knows what she was up to, but legally cannot reveal it.

Then, we have Meghan. She claims the best thing in her life, outside of being Prince Harry’s wife, is becoming the mother of Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. However, she tends to spend more time away from her children than being with them.

Prince Harry has complained about his father, King Charles III, being absent, yet, he too is not in his children’s lives that often. Princess Diana was absent as well. She, nor Charles, wanted to be absent, but their work dictated how often they were away.

Meghan Doesn’t Know About Her Own Children

Also, Meghan doesn’t appear to know that much about children, let alone her own. On the Variety red carpet in late 2023 she was asked about Christmas traditions in her home. She couldn’t even answer the question. All she could muster is “Our little ones are little and we’re enjoying every second.”

That’s not an answer. She could have said, “Oh, we make Christmas cookies” or “we hang ornaments on the tree together.”

If you were to ask say, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, or Princess Eugenie the same question, they’d be able to answer. They have a relationship with their children. This brings us back to the former actress and her mother.

The Alleged Physical Fight

There is a rumour that Doria and Meghan got into a physical fight at some point where the former actress called both her parents “trailer trash.” Now, we do not believe this happened. Why?

Because Doria keeps popping up and acting like Meghan’s role model for being a mother. According to what she said on her Archetypes podcast, her mother raised her in a black neighbourhood full of black women. We know that is not true as Thomas Markle Snr, Tom Jr and Samantha have pictures of Meghan with them as she was growing up. There is also footage from Meghan’s childhood where she literally avoids her mother at a school event. It has been pointed out on the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit that Doria is only kept around to show the world that Meghan is black.

Meghan Doesn’t Appear To Like Children At All

Meghan doesn’t appear to like children that much. It is well-documented that she allegedly gave Princess Charlotte a filthy look as she walked past her at the end of the aisle of Saint George’s Chapel. It is alleged that she was godmother to several of the little girls in the bridal party, but favoured Ivy, the daughter of Jessica Mulroney, her then best friend.

Moreover, Meghan doesn’t have an appreciation for her children. We know this because when Harry said on Netflix that their son, Archie, looked a lot like her, she looked away in disgust. However, she perked up when it was mentioned that their daughter, Lilibet, looked like Princess Diana and had “Spencer genes” with Diana’s blue eyes.

Why Didn’t The Children Go To Nigeria

Not to mention, it’s Mother’s Day in the US. So why was a trip to her “ancestral homeland” of Nigeria more important than being with her children on a day celebrating mothers? Why did she and Harry not take the children on their trip? It’s almost like they’re being held prisoner and it’s rumoured they’re staying with Grandma Doria. It’s like the Sussexes don’t look at the travel advisory for themselves, but leave their children home for that very reason. Their matter of thinking is mighty confusing.

So, it’s safe for Harry and Meghan to go to Nigeria, which is a no-go zone for Americans due to kidnappings, etc, but it’s too dangerous in the UK, which has considerable knife crime, but isn’t as well-known for kidnappings? Right. Try explaining that to a security expert, who details this type of thing all the time. They would tell them, “No, the UK is safer than Nigeria and you’re not in that much danger and neither are your children.”

Meghan Has Zero Time For Motherhood

Meghan only doesn’t have time to be a mother to her children. It’s not a secret. When was the last time we saw her with them in public when it was a candid moment that was not planned? We never have as everything has to be perfect. However, if the kids threw a tantrum, she would not know what to do. How could she if there are nannies who raise the children?

That is what sets Meghan apart from Catherine. When Princess Charlotte was only a toddler and they had just departed a plane, she started throwing a tantrum on the tarmac. Kate, knowing how to soothe her daughter, picked her up and Charlotte’s tantrum stopped before it could take off. If Meghan were in the same position, she wouldn’t know what to do.

Doria certainly didn’t know how to cope with a child, let alone a teenager. If she is watching the kids, how is she going to cope with two toddlers without a nanny present?

Archie And Lilibet Are Not Important To The Line Of Succession

Meghan’s friends, Kelly [McKee Zeifen] and Abigail [Spencer] can applaud her for being a hands-on mother all they like, but she doesn’t care about motherhood. She only wants to merch her children and her so-called ‘association’ as a royal. If women want to model themselves after royal mothers, look at Princess Diana, Princess Catherine or Duchess Sophie. They are hands-on mothers, who took their children out into the world. Sure, they had to shield them from the press, but as long as they were a small window it was fine.

Moreover, Meghan acts like her children are the heirs to the throne and require protecting. They’re sixth and seventh in the line of succession and are, therefore, not important. However, they might need protection now that their ignorant father put his Taliban kill count in his memoir. Just a thought.

Why Meghan Needs To Prop Doria Up As A Role Model

Meghan needs her mother as she can’t lean on her father now. Doria is propped up because she’s getting some deal of it. We’ve spoken before about how she could be involved in emasculating Harry.

There have been rumours regarding Doria maybe having spent a decade behind bars. We don’t believe that as there is no evidence to support it. Also, Thomas Markle hasn’t come out with anything against his ex-wife. Would he do it? Probably not.

We’ve already spoken about how Meghan uses her mother as a connection to her blackness. We think that Doria’s just in it, for the money. She doesn’t appear to be close to her daughter or Harry. Also, the expressions she was pulling during the 2018 royal wedding makes us believe there was more to her presence.

doria role model meghan
[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

There have been rumours for years that Doria is living with the Sussexes and that she could be receiving money. Whether this is true, who knows? But we know she is playing a part in the whole “royal family and Britain are racist” narrative as she said so on the Netflix docuseries. Whether she is being told to say this is by her daughter is unknown. But if she wants to stay in Meghan’s good book, probably.

Conclusively, Meghan sees Doria as her motherly role model in how to be an absent parent. No one sees Markle as a mother because she is never seen with her children in public. You often see A-list celebrities out with their children, though they usually ensure that the kids’ faces are turned away from the camera.

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