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The Bold And The Beautiful: What’s Next For Zoe?

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No matter what you think of Zoe Buckingham, you must admit even she didn’t deserve Thomas Forrester using her in his scheme to snag Hope Logan. So, what’s next for the baby snatcher’s daughter?

She might not be new to the Los Angeles fashion scene anymore, but that hasn’t stopped Zoe Buckingham from making a massive splash. When she arrived in LA, she plotted to get her ex-boyfriend Xander Avant back. Then, their pet cat, Harry, died. Sometime later, she got caught up in her father’s baby-napping scheme and became the ringleader for a while before Thomas took over.

At the time, Zoe cared about her and her father’s reputations and was adamant about not allowing Hope to know that her baby daughter was still alive. Once her dad had been locked up for stealing Beth from her parents, she disappeared for a bit to lick her wounds. She returned at the beginning of a new storyline.

This time, the plot was to push Thomas’s obsession with Hope so far that it would take every bit of strength to keep from falling head over heels into his web. So while Hope and Douglas came out of the story fine, Zoe did not.

The Jilted Bride

Zoe has caused a lot of havoc in her time on the show. Though, nothing could have prepared her to be dumped at the altar. With none of her family present, she made the trip down the Forrester aisle alone. Before this, however, Brooke, Steffy, and Hope tried to convince her not to marry Thomas.

It appeared to have failed as she made it to the altar. However, it’s revealed Zoe realised her mistake and assisted in Hope’s plan to expose her ass-of-a-fiancé. She even slapped Thomas for leaving her on their wedding day.

She left the Forrester mansion with Carter with only her now redundant wedding band and the engagement ring that Quinn approved. The pain she must have felt of being used and suddenly discarded would’ve been enough to scorn anyone.

As she said, Thomas would never have her or Hope. However, the moral of her role in the exposure plan opened her eyes to the type of man the Forrester heir is.

Coming Next

As we know, Zoe hasn’t been seen in a few weeks. However, we don’t know how much time has passed since the wedding and her visit to Flo’s apartment. It’s likely been only a few days to a week if that. Remember, many of the events we see happen on the same day. So five episodes could take place over 24 hours.

Going back to Zoe, she shows up at Flo’s apartment, and they end up talking about Sally. There’s been a buzz around Forrester Creations about the designer and her ‘illness’. Seeing these two together was nice to see. The last we saw together was during the baby swap, where they were at each other’s throats. Does this mean they’ve become friends? To have a sit-down conversation would probably mean they’re civil.

So, what’s next for the fashion model? From what the spoilers show, Zoe will team up with Steffy to work on the upcoming fall collection. We also heard earlier in the week that Hope for the Future is still active, so they might be trying to salvage what Thomas did.

The spoilers hint at a possible resurrection of the Intimates line. They may even bond, given Zoe almost became a Forrester. Also, it’s believed they will talk about the disastrous wedding and Sally’s sickness. Will this mean Flo will get a mention? We don’t know how Steffy feels about the woman since she played a role in the baby swap. Also, the FC co-CEO has zero love for Shauna but does she feel the same about the Fulton matriarch’s daughter?

A New Team Up In Fashion?

Zoe is now back in the picture. It would be the perfect time to have a new team-up that doesn’t include backstabbing, betrayal, or obsession. But, for the time being, Hope is enjoying time off with her family of four. So, we won’t see her, Liam, Beth, and Douglas for a while, which will please Steam/Steffy fans.

So, with Steffy struggling to keep her line afloat with Sally “sick and dying,” she needs a way to keep it going. That’s where Zoe comes in with what we assume will be the fashion pitch for the relaunch of the Intimates line.

Also, Thomas isn’t around to work on Hope for the Future as its head designer. So, what happens with the Fashion Showdown? It just got forgotten under the chaos of the Forrester heir’s reign of terror. While it’s fantastic to see Zoe going back to do what she loves, does this mean she might give business a shot by learning from Steffy? Was this why she’ll pitch the Intimates line to her? Perhaps she needs a distraction from the Hope obsession scheme and leans on Steffy as she is also struggling with the truth about her brother.

We’ll know next week if the predictions are accurate. So that you know, we did not come up with any of these spoilers.

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