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The Power-Hungry One: Camilla Or Meghan?

Meghan Camilla

Prince Harry loves to claim that his stepmother, Queen Camilla, is power-hungry and tried to sacrifice him on her “PR Altar” and that she is “dangerous”, but does he stop to think about his wife, Meghan Markle’s actions? No, he does not, which brings us to this post.

Who is the more power-hungry one, Harry? Camilla or Meghan? While he will always say Camilla because apparently, he has always disliked her, despite once saying that she wasn’t a wicked stepmother as he told Angela Levin when she wrote his memoir.

Harry has repeatedly claimed that Camilla and his father would push negative stories about him and William to make themselves look better. First off, what proof has he got of this? If this were the case, William would want nothing to do with her or Charles.

However, there is little public record of all the “nefarious” things Camilla is supposed to have done after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Moreover, Camilla was not responsible for the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage, far from it. The pair were the instruments of their own destruction. They both engaged in affairs behind the other’s backs and they both created issues that their sons had to bear witness to.

We know more about Meghan’s hunger for power than Camilla’s. How do we know this? Well, she wanted to live in Windsor Castle with The Queen. The staff tell her “no.” She allegedly wanted the entirety of Admiralty House rather than a wing during the Australian Tour. There is also the rumour that she told the Governor-General to “F*** off! Don’t you know who I am?!” Do you see Camilla doing that? No.

Also, Camilla keeps her head down and gets on with her work. She doesn’t issue statements calling people bigots or doing interviews to continue to propel her victimhood. Meghan is the true power-hungry one, not Camilla.

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