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Meghan Markle And The Ways Of The Backward Feminist

We’ve spoken so many times on this website about the faux and incredibly backward feminist display that Meghan Markle loves to show off. However, Meghan Markle has feminism backward. She still thinks we live in the 1950s when women didn’t have the same rights we have today.

Meghan Markle is the same woman whose backward feminist views include believing that archetypes are like stereotypes. Here’s the issue that so many people have with her. It is her utmost belief that every woman in the entire world is oppressed and she is the only person who can save them. Talk about mind-boggling.

Meghan Doesn’t Do Modern Feminism

We’ve mentioned that Meghan has used men her entire life to get ahead. She used her dad, her uncle, her boyfriends and her husbands. Quite frankly, we’re sick and tired of talking about Meghan Markle and her backward feminism, but hey, it’s good for views as everyone loves a good trainwreck.

Anyway, Meghan Markle and her backward feminism is throwing everyone for a loop. Why? Because she is telling Nigerian women how to be successful. No one asked her for her opinion. If anything, no one wanted her and Harry there. Don’t believe us? Here’s a clip from BBC Africa.

A big thank you to The British Prince for posting a video of a panel of Nigerian women talking about how Meghan is NOT a Nigerian woman.

There More To Feminism Than Degrading Men

In Meghan’s mind, feminism is all about fighting the patriarchy and having women be the world’s leaders. However, there is a lot more to feminism than the backwards bile that Meghan Markle is throwing out. The Nigerian women in the video make some great points when they mention that their culture is very family oriented, something the former actress is not. They even reference how she could not even treat the late Queen Elizabeth II with respect.

As the backward feminist she is, you have thought that Meghan would’ve shown The Queen some reverence, but no, Markle did not. However, the Nigerian ladies also mentioned something else. They want to see her genealogy results that say she is 43% Nigerian. A lot of people say the same thing.

Meghan’s Backward Feminism Meets A Curve Ball

We knew when Meghan claimed on Archetypes that she was 43% Nigerian and full of hot air. There were several indicators. Her guest on this particular episode was Nigerian. Number two, in the episodes leading up to this one, she claimed to identify with each of the famous guests.

Claiming to be Nigerian is just one of those things. She couldn’t identify with anything else Ziwe was saying so she had to say she was of the same nationality. Okay. For those unaware, there is a difference between nationality and ethnicity. So, for example. Prince Harry is 100% caucasian (white). His race or ethnicity (which ever you choose to use) is Caucasian. How do we know this? His entire family line for the last 1000 years has been white.

Doria Ragland Has White Blood

Meghan is mixed-race. There is speculation that her mother Doria is biracial. We have not been able to find this information. If this is the case then Meghan would be more white than black. Also, there was a family tree from Doria’s side of the family where it was written which members were black and which were, wait for it, white. However, not all ethnicities are listed.

Yes, Doria has white blood, though it dates back to the 19th Century if the family tree is accurate. We don’t approve of the wording used in the graphic, but it’s the only one we could find.

Screenshot – Original image from Sugar Never Tasted Sweeter on Twitter/X

Meghan Is Not A True Nigerian Woman

The Nigerian ladies on the panel made a good point when they said that Meghan doesn’t hold the same views as true Nigerian women. As we said, Nigerians are family-oriented. Meghan is not. She has added nothing to the Nigerian economy outside of being the wife of a prince whose daddy is the King of England which is a part of the Commonwealth, as is Nigeria. It is also pointed out that women who marry princes in Nigeria respect their husbands. Again, Markle does not do that.

Finally, Meghan seems to have forgotten that about a decade ago, she claimed she was Maltese. Does Harry know about this? Probably not.

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