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Doria Unintentionally Throws Meghan’s “I Didn’t Know Who Harry Was” Story Out The Window


Doria Ragland might be her daughter, Meghan’s biggest supporter, but she didn’t realise she unintentionally threw the former actress under the bus. Whether Meghan is aware of this is unknown. However, Doria mentioned in the Harry & Meghan docuseries when her daughter told her she was dating Harry back in 2016, she was excited for her and said that her first words about the relationship were along the lines of “Oh, my god!” Now, this was interesting for a couple of reasons.

We all know that Meghan has been telling the public that she had no clue who Harry was when they met. But, then, she claimed during the docuseries that the engagement was “an orchestrated reality show” where it was scripted. This has not sat well with Mishal Hussian, the journalist who conducted the interview, according to It has been revealed that Harry and his former actress wife handpicked Ms Hussian for their engagement sitdown. It’s H & M code: “it wasn’t good enough as we couldn’t tell our story.” Um. The Sussexes chose to lie about it. Now, where does Doria all of this?

Rewriting History… Again… Don’t Need Doria For That One

If Doria had no idea who Prince Harry was when Meghan told her who her new boyfriend was, wouldn’t the gushing mother-of-one have gone, “Who’s Prince Harry?”? But, no. She didn’t. Meghan’s retelling of this had her tell whoever told her Harry’s name is just annoying. The friend they allegedly share said, “Oh, Prince Haz wants to meet you.” And the former actress goes, “Who’s Prince Haz?”

Doria didn’t question Meghan when she told her about Harry. This is evidence that she [Doria] knew exactly who the prince was. Now, we all know Meghan is a pathological liar. Do we believe that she didn’t know anything about the royals? No. She was already friends with Princess Eugenie, allegedly. Let’s not forget she mentioned ‘Princess Kate’ and their father-in-law, the former Prince of Wales, on The Tig.

Meghan loves rewriting her life to suit her current narrative. For example, she allegedly converted to the Jewish faith when she married Trevor Engelson. She had even claimed she was some quarter Maltese when a relative was only born there and did not have Maltese blood. It is also well-documented that she loved Princess Diana and watched her wedding (on VHS) and funeral.

Also, it would have been impossible to miss the two young boys walking behind their mother’s coffin with their uncle, father and grandfather.

She also never corrected people who assumed she was Hispanic. Let’s face it. The docuseries is a mess of contradictions. Who knows how bad Harry’s book is going to be?

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