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The Second Security Lawsuit

second security lawsuit

Harry’s entitlement shows with his second security lawsuit against his grandmother’s government. The Queen cannot get a break. Her idiot third grandson, Prince Harry, has launched yet another lawsuit. The reason this second security lawsuit is happening? Harry is pissed off that he cannot pay for security whenever he and his family are in the UK, as per the Daily Mail. Oh, wait. The Sussexes are sue-happy.

He cannot take “no” for an answer, which worsens. He does not accept that the MET police CAN NOT be bought. This shows his sheer sense of entitlement. His lawyers and Meghan are not helping his case. The Sussex Squad can argue that Meghan is a lawyer, princess, and QUEEN, all they like. But here’s the thing. Meghan PLAYED a lawyer on Suits. She does not have the qualifications to practice law in reality.

The Sussexes are not unique in any shape of the word. The lawyers can argue that Harry’s ENTITLEMENT to have security as he was born to privilege. While part of that statement is genuine, he is NOT essential to the monarchy. That ship officially sailed when Prince George was born. His envy towards Prince William is unbelievably apparent.

It’s a real shame. He promised to be his brother’s right hand when William became king. That will, unfortunately, not happen now. He ruined his future to serve something that wasn’t made for himself. His wife saw the destruction of anything positive in his life. He can claim to be living his best life in California, but his unhappiness is evident. His second security lawsuit is the tail end of his unsettled living arrangements.

I’ve already spoken about the ‘security’ issues he and Meghan previously had. What’s more, this happened before the first lawsuit was lodged. Then, they claim alarms were tripped to show that they need security. Have the Sussexes ever considered that wild animals tripped the alarms? Or do they live in a fantasy land where undomesticated critters don’t exist outside their dogs?

Cue the head wall banging. Their delusions of grandeur make them believe they’re more important than the President of the United States. Therefore, they do not deserve to have their IPP status reinstated. Do I want my taxpayer dollars sent to them if they come to Australia? No. I don’t know a single Australian that would unless they’re a squaddie.

We have better things to deal with. The Sussexes don’t have to deal with inflation because they’re uber-rich. They could not possibly understand how we middle-class people live. The second security lawsuit makes them appear uncaring and unsympathetic to everyone, especially the Queen.

I can imagine Harry telling Meghan he applied for the lawsuit as a birthday gift for her. The man, as I have said multiple times before, is unwell. You can see it every time he steps out in public. Also, has anyone noticed that it is hard to find pictures of Harry on Google without Meghan and vice versa?

Oh, wait. Their PR tells them they need to appear like a loved-up couple who works together. Too bad it’s the Meghan show and not the Meghan AND Harry show. Look at the Oprah Interview as an example. Meghan’s name became before Harry’s.

I have some thoughts but won’t put any of these here. Instead, I’ll do another post on it. Anyway, back to the main guts of this article, this second security lawsuit is angry and degrading to the privilege Harry sees himself as having. No one wants to attack the sixth in line to the British throne. Horrible people would instead take out the higher-ups. This is how all monarchies work. Brittany of the Royal News Network also mentions this in her new video.

If anything, Meghan’s outburst to Oprah made the British public realise that the royals need protection. Primarily when one of their own cries racism, not being supported and unethical treatment. So it’s no wonder William went on Catherine’s engagement the day after the interview dropped.

Harry will drive his grandmother into her grave. If he respected her at all, he would respect her decision. He knew what would happen if he and Meghan departed the UK. However, his paranoia and Meghan’s demands overwrote everything. His ex-girlfriends were right about him. He jumps at shadows. Also, he dislikes being lower than William is.

Do I believe that he is jealous? Yes. His envy of the future king started before Meghan upended his life. Being the third wheel is what he never wanted. He wanted the pole position. Could this be why he married Meghan? Did he want to be of equal value despite being lower on the food chain? All answers point to yes. It is sad to see the fun-loving prince be reduced to a pitiful husk of his former self.

Meghan has Harry by the gonads. She refuses to let go unless he does what she wants him to do. Mission? Destroy his family because she is not the matriarch. Scratch that. She wants the Queen to step aside so she can be the monarch and push the monarchy into being monetised like everything in Hollywood is. Sorry to break it to you, Megsy, but you will NEVER be THE Queen. The UK people will not stand for it. They do NOT like you.

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