Olivia Jade: Why She Is Not A Good Role Model

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Everyone has a role model they admire. However, there are some like YouTuber Olivia Jade that shouldn’t be seen as such…

When you hear the term ‘role model’, you tend to think of people who have made the best of their lives to inspire others. This person doesn’t have to be real. They can be fictional too, but what we’re discussing today is why certain people shouldn’t influence others at all.

The issue the world faces with role models in today’s society is social media and the people who become famous from it. One example that comes from this is Olivia Jade Giannulli, a Beauty YouTuber and the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin. Her comeback videos don’t show any form of growth. We’ve also addressed how much our perspective has changed since this scandal hit in another post.

Why Olivia Shouldn’t Be A Role Model?

When you’re the daughter of an actress who is best known for a reoccurring role on family sitcom, Full House, you grow up with a load of money. This is very much the case with Olivia. Not only is her mother famous, her father’s fashion label, Mossimo used to litter shelves across Target stores worldwide.

While you can’t help who you’re born to, you can lean away from your parents’ influence and forge your own path. In 2014, a then 14-year-old Olivia started her Youtube channel to show off her skills with a makeup brush. At first, she was a role model to young girls looking to learn how to do their own makeup.

However, as her audience grew, so did her celebrity guests including her mother’s Fuller House co-star and on-screen husband, John Stamos. Even Candace Cameron-Bure’s daughter, Natasha appeared from time to time.

The reason we believe Olivia shouldn’t be considered a role model has nothing to do with our views on her.

The above video is mash of some of her vlogs where she is trying to be ‘poor’ and failing at it. Thank you to whoever posted it. Anyway, looking at this, it shows she has zero interest in the working class who have to invest in everything they do to get ahead. Olivia is just handed most of her privileges because she’s the daughter of rich parents.

Total Disregard For Working Class

Olivia claims her content is to inspire others, but she doesn’t know thrifty from pricy. In one video she did prior to the College Admissions Scandal blowup, she talked about jewellery on a budget:

[Credit: Olivia Jade – YouTube]

She can’t even think of what discount places are called, like she’s never heard of them before making the video. What makes this alarming is if you’re a fan and you’re from the working class of society, this video shows how insensitive she is. Olivia might state that all products can be brought on a budget, but it’s clear, it’s aimed at wealthy individuals.

Sure, we’ve never watched her videos and we don’t want to, but you need think. Is this girl a good role model? Does she offer good advice or does she only have her fans because of who her mother is? That brings us to our next point.

Real Fans Or Just There Because Lori Is Famous?

We need to ask yet another question to whether Olivia is a good role model for young girls and women. Does she only have the fans she does because of who her mother is?

The likelihood is probably. Just browsing through all the videos that feature her mother, there’s some pretty high view counts of some of them. Not all the video views showing Lori are in the millions. There’s one video that has OJ teaching her mother slang terms in 2017 which has over 3Million views. That’s more than Olivia’s subscriber rate.

A role model should be someone who is truthful, honest and has good values like going to school and not crashing their car while singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered at the top of their lungs. Olivia is none of these things. She stated on the record that she hated school before having to take the video down and post an apology video that sounded fake and insincere.

[Credit: YouTube – Olivia Jade]

Spoilt With A Capital ‘S’

If you want your daughters, nieces, goddaughters, whoever to admire Olivia, you might want to rethink it. She has famous friends, mostly because she grew up with the children of her mother’s co-stars. While it’s fine to have connections from the day you were born, Olivia shows no regard for others who look up to her.

She overlooks her fans and their concerns when she filmed herself driving and crashed. Having famous connections also means getting whatever the hell you want. Olivia probably doesn’t even buy most of her clothes as most of them are sent to her via her ‘connections’.

Also, who posts a video about all the luxury gifts they got for Christmas? This is a sure fire way of rubbing it in the faces of those who want expensive presents but cannot afford it.

[Credit: Olivia Jade – YouTube]
[Credit: Olivia Jade – YouTube]
[Credit: Olivia Jade – YouTube]

This just makes us sad. A decent person can see that when an influencer posts something with the word ‘luxury’ in the title, it’s going to benefit the wealthier audience.

Consider Your Options

Kids will admire anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is, but it’s up to parents to show their kids who is a good role model and who is not. If you see your child looking at videos from Olivia for example, you need to assess the following:

  • What has she done that’s worthy of your child’s attention?
  • Does she have a record of bad behaviour?
  • Does she come off as someone you want your child to admire?
  • Her attitude and personality

Not Everyone Changes

When examining Olivia, she’s not someone who comes across as someone who can change. Yes, many of her so-called fans have said she and her family made a mistake when they bribed USC officials with $500k, but that’s SO not the point!

Her mother is basically giving the world the middle finger as if to say, “Fuck you all! My family is rich and my husband and I aren’t going to prison for something we did legimately.”

First off, how would you feel if you were told you couldn’t go to the college of your dreams because your spot had been taken by someone else? Or, how would you feel if you really wanted that Gucci purse for your birthday but your family couldn’t afford it but your favourite influencer got one for their big day? It would suck!

Also, just because Olivia posts two new videos where she’s shaking with fear, doesn’t mean she’s a changed person. Yes, she looks like she’s lost weight, but her issues stem to her parents, their legal troubles, and the prospect of going to prison if found guilty.

We’re Not The Fun Police!

Before you go off at us saying that we’re jealous of Olivia, we’re not. We couldn’t care less. The reason we’re posting about her and her mother is show what people SHOULDN’T be doing. Lori is a bad parent for not listening to her daughters and thinks her status as a B-list celebrity will get her off the hook.

We’re also not telling people who they should idolise. We’re just trying to hammer home the point that being spoilt ends in tears. Do you really want to console your child after they’ve begged you for an iPad because their favourite internet star has one and you’ve told them no?

Consider it.

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