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How Chris Dawson FEARED Being Exposed By Hedley Thomas

Hedley Thomas, Chris Dawson

Thanks to Hedley Thomas’ investigative work with his Teacher’s Pet podcast, Chris Dawson will die behind bars.

 In a recent episode of Mamamia’s True Crime Conversations podcast, hosted by Gemma Bath, Hedley Thomas revealed much more about how he became interested in the case. But there was one piece of information that he shared that was fascinating.

Hedley’s investigation into Lynnette Simms (Dawson)’s death started in 2001 after the first inquest into her disappearance had wrapped. After going to the nearby police station, Thomas wrote several articles on the case. His sources were the information he had been given. 

Chris Dawson Knew Hedley Thomas’ Work Had Him Cornered

Years later, he learned from Shanelle Dawson, one of Lyn Chris Dawson’s daughters, that her father had read his articles after the first inquest. Chris was unhappy about what had been written. Allegedly, he had lost faith in journalism.

True Crime Conversations played a short phone call between Hedley and Chris. Dawson claims he had given interviews to journalists before and had his words and what he dubbed “the truth,” twisted.

Chris Dawson has always maintained his innocence, so he allegedly spent a ton of money trying to pin Hedley as being biased and on “the wrong side of journalism.” According to Shanelle, her dad broke his phone after the phone call between her father and Thomas. Hedley admits that he doesn’t know if it was an accident or whether it was because of the phone call.

What’s interesting is Chris knew he’d been cornered. He’d known it for almost twenty years, especially after those first articles had been published in 2001.

Hedley has also said that he didn’t want the outcome to be Chris Dawson in prison, but his investigation made the wife killer metaphorically wet himself.

Dawson was too proud of himself to admit that he killed Lynette and then dumped her body, god knows where like she was a piece of trash. He was too pompous to think about what would happen when the truth eventually came to light or what it would do to his two eldest daughters, who had spent their entire lives thinking their mother had abandoned them.

In conclusion, Hedley Thomas was doing what a journalist is supposed to do. Investigate and give truthful accounts using the facts. Chris Dawson spent forty years believing he’d get away with murder. The truth won out.

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