Stargirl: How Could Cameron Come Into His Powers And Could He Become A Villain?


As we move into the final three episodes of Stargirl season 1, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the Mahkents, especially Cameron, who we’ve seen so little of. Yet, he plays the role of Courtney’s love interest while also oblivious to his father’s plan to control six of America’s states. Could one tiny event cause this teenager to discover the truth about more than just Jordan? Could he find out he has the same icy powers, and does this lead him down a dark path?

[CAUTION: Spoilers For Most Of Stargirl Season 1 Up To ‘Brainwave Jr’]

Cameron Mahkent has been a stand-out during the first season of Stargirl despite having been used sparingly. He has developed quite a crush on our girl Courtney. Unbeknownst to him, his father has big plans to make America – or at least, various states – a safer place in his honour. This gives us the creeps just thinking about it. Jordan is also the leader of ISA and has ice powers that his son unknowingly possesses.

We’ve got a sneak peek at Cameron’s powers in the episode ‘Justice Society’ when he unconsciously uses icy breath to blow out the candle on the cake he and his father dedicated to his mother. Now, it’s unclear whether Jordan even knows if his son has the same powers he does. Likewise, it’s not known how the elder Mahkent got his abilities.

We know that Jordan was a villain before his wife’s death, as she died two years after the death of the original JSA. Also, when Christine perishes, Jordan hurries out into the garden and unleashes a barrage of ice in grief which their son sees. How much Cameron remembers of this is yet to be seen.

Since they haven’t been building towards a proper development of powers for Cameron yet. Though, it might be possible that they begin pushing this forward in the last three episodes of the season. However, something has to set them off. If Jordan unleashed his grief, perhaps a similar thing would happen to his son.

Theory #1: Jordan Dies At Courtney’s Hand

What Jordan doesn’t know yet is that Courtney is Stargirl. However, we suspect this could change. In one promo aired on The CW before the first episode, there’s a quick glimpse of the leaders fighting.

It would be a remarkable parallel if Cameron saw this fight and his father died at Stargirl’s hand. It would mirror when he saw Jordan freeze over the garden the night his mother died. This would prompt him to hate the superhero who murdered his old man.

Could this mean he discovers Stargirl and Courtney are the same people? It depends on what they want to do. It would be suspenseful if the reveal were done there, and we get an immediate reaction where Cameron unwittingly unleashes a spray of ice like his father did all those years ago.

If they were to take the other route where Cameron sees his dad die at Stargirl’s hand but doesn’t learn it’s Courtney behind the mask until Season 2, it might fall flat. But, again, it just depends on the pacing of the story.

Theory #2: The Reveal Of Cameron’s Powers Doesn’t Occur Until Much Later

Unlike Henry Jr, Cameron coming into his powers hasn’t been explored outside of that one scene in the diner in ‘The Justice Society’ episode. Also, he’s only appeared in a handful of scenes across the season thus far. Why add something in so late when it will probably be referenced later?

With the announcement of Season 2, we should see Cameron in a much bigger capacity. How much more is yet to be seen, but he may end up taking the place of Henry Jr as a focal point.

We saw how much Henry grew as a character until his untimely demise at the hands of his father in ‘Brainwave Jr’. However, the episodes he did appear in allowed his powers to develop and his personality to change. Perhaps this could happen to Cameron, too but in Season 2.

If the reveal does come much later, it would be a great way to explore which side he ultimately chooses. He might not even follow the same path his comic counterpart did.

Theory #3: Courtney Tells Cameron Who His Father Is, And This Triggers His Powers

Depending on what happens in the next couple of episodes, Courtney might be forced to tell Cameron what she knows about Jordan. He’ll probably think she’s crazy, and then she’ll have to explain how she knows about Icicle. This might trigger the memory of what he saw in the garden the night his mother died.

If this occurs, it might trigger his powers which may prompt Courtney to fear him as she does his father. She might even try to give him the same prep talk she gave Henry, which didn’t work initially. The reason was he’d read her mind and discovered she’d been the one who put his dad in a coma.

However, it might be enough to work on Cameron, given their flirtations. Courtney hasn’t done anything malicious to him, which may make him realise that Jordan and the ISA need to be stopped.

Theory #4: Cameron Remembers The Night Of His Mother’s Death

From what the ‘Icicle’ episode alludes to, Cameron saw his father unleash that torrent of ice upon the garden the night Christine died. However, there’s been no other reference to what he saw. What if something triggers that memory and, with it, his powers. It would be the less predictable option for him to come into his abilities, and it doesn’t come with a warning like Henry’s powers did when his dad went into a coma.

This might shock him into realising that what his dad is doing is not the way to carry on his mother’s legacy.

Could Any Of These Scenarios Push Cameron Into Becoming A Villain?

It’s hard to tell if any of the theories above might create a villain out of Cameron. Unlike Henry, he was raised in a relatively loving home with his grandparents. He wasn’t neglected or bullied by his father to the point where he turned into a jerk.

Despite Jordan’s plans, he did the right thing to keep his son far from his intentions. However, if something traumatic happened, it might push Cameron to the point of no return. This would be a reversal of Henry Jr’s story, where he goes from villain to hero.

He might even go through a Killer Frost type of story where the evil takes over for a while. Over time, his intentions change to make him an antihero before becoming the hero. It would be nice if they take a new route with the character rather than the comic storyline that Cameron has gone down a dozen times.

Our Thoughts

If we’re honest, we love Cameron as a character and having him shack with Courtney could go any number of ways. Given the history of who he is in the comics, there’s a likelihood he’ll become a carbon copy of his father. However, it might not go down the route we think it will.

The same applies to the comic romance Cameron has with Artemis. This has never been shown onscreen in the appearances he’s had. We’d prefer it if he did end up with Courtney rather than keep it accurate. They’ve gone down that route already to a degree with Jordan’s fondness for Barbara. Let’s not forget Brainwave Jr never had a relationship with Shiv or Wildcat (Yolanda).

Though, if push comes to shove, Cameron might be faced with two choices; to lead with his heart (his feelings for Courtney) or with his head (a possible vendetta). Whatever they choose, we will love being along for the ride.

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