Glee Star Naya Rivera Goes Missing After Her Son Is Found On A Boat Alone


No more joking that Glee is cursed! Star Naya Rivera is feared drowned.

It has the subject of a lot of horrible jokes over the years, but Glee is back in the headlines for something incredibly tragic. Actress Naya Rivera who played cheerleader Santana Lopez on the hit Ryan Murphy-helmed series is missing, presumed dead.

Naya rented a boat out at Lake Piru in California and went swimming with her four-year-old son. Some time later, the boat was found adrift with the child onboard with a lifejacket on. Rivera was not wearing one according to reports.

One such report allegedly claims that Naya posted a cryptic message for her fans in this Instagram post six days ago:

The actress’ car was reportedly found in a parking lot close by with her purse still inside.

We also want to address that many American news outlets have said that Naya is presumed dead as she has not been found. Can we stop with the negativity? Yes, that is the likely scenario but whatever happened to praying to her family? Her little boy should not grow up without his mother. Moreover, did anyone writing these news articles think of that? Did these people’s editors check their work before it was published?

Also, it is disgusting that people are joking about the situation when we don’t know how it’s going to play out. Naya is not playing Santana anymore. She is a real person, please treat her as such. In conclusion, just because a caption on a social media post sounds cryptic, doesn’t mean that it is.

We will issue another update once we have one.

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