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Marlene Headley aka Ngozi Fulani’s Charity, Sistah Space Is Under Investigation

Sistah Space, under investigation
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Ngozi Fulani’s charity Sistah Space, which helps African and Caribbean women in domestic violence, is under investigation by the UK Charity Commission. The Australian reports that a man in Scotland using the name “James” has spent over a week digging into the organisation’s finances. He has revealed that the money has benefited Ms Fulani’s family and made the government question whether the funds from grants given to startup charities were misused.

The article also reveals that since Sistah Space was set up in 2015, Ngozi Fulani has gone by several names. These include Sister Ngozi and Mary Headley. It alleges that the charity was given nine grants. The costs? Over£200,000 from public funds.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A post from Markle News 1 on Instagram says that United News Network uncovered that Ngozi’s actions will be examined. Women have called out Ms Headley for turning them away from Sistah Space. Allegedly, this was due to their ethnicity not aligning with the charity’s morals, being African or Caribbean.

In 2020, a grant equal to£40,000 was given to the charity by an organisation using Sistah Space’s Charity number.

According to Fulani, her charity ceased operations due to the public’s reaction to her allegations against Lady Susan Hussey. She has alleged she was “racially” violated at Buckingham Palace. It has since come out that Marlene (Fulani’s actual name) is friendly with Misan Harriman, a friend of Meghan Markle’s.

The UK Charity Commission will examine the 200 Twitter posts. In conclusion, they will decide whether Sistah Space is clear of any wrongdoing or if the under investigation status needs more investigating.

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