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Update On Chris Dawson That Wasn’t Surprising

Chris Dawson

Alleged wife killer, Chris Dawson, will die behind bars. The NSW District court has found him guilty of an unlawful relationship with a teenage girl while he was a PE teacher, according to Channel 9 News. This comes after he was found guilty and sent to prison for the disappeared and alleged murder of his first wife, Lyn Dawson, in early 1982.

The Supreme Court judge ruled that Chris Dawson wanted the relationship with the then-teenager. Dawson has had to take breaks in the case due to his health. It is said that the then-PE teacher engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his students in 1980, two years before Lyn’s disappearance.

It is said that either towards the end of July 1980 to the end of the school year was when Chris Dawson engaged in a forbidden relationship with the schoolgirl. In 2018, The Australian journalist Hedley Thomas, on his groundbreaking podcast, The Teacher’s Pet, allegedly uncovered that Chris Dawson and his twin brother, Paul, engaged in what they dubbed ‘birthday sex’ with underage girls at the school they both worked at.

The Underaged Girl Leaves Her Friend Group In the Second Half Of 1980

Moreover, it has been alleged that the underaged girl disappeared from her friend group in the second half of 1980. She was allegedly babysitting the Dawson children on the weekends. It also alleged that Chris Dawson and the teenage girl had sex at his parents’ house. It also said the pair had intercourse in Dawson’s car on Friday nights.

When the verdict was read out, Chris Dawson cursed the F word three times before cutting the video feed. Dawson is already serving 24 years in prison for Lyn’s alleged murder. He pleaded not guilty to killing her to be with his teenage babysitter girlfriend.

In conclusion, he also pleaded not guilty for the unfetted relationship with the underage girl.

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