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A Life Of Luxury: The Crimes Of Salim Mehajer

Salim Mehajer

They don’t get more stupid than Salim Mehajer. The former Auburn Deputy Mayor first made headlines in 2015 when he was criticised for blocking off streets on his wedding day to his now ex-wife, Aysha Amelia Mehajer. And no, he’s never killed anyone, but he has threatened several people.

In the years since Salim Mehajer has gotten himself into rather hot water for a vast array of things. Such things include threatening his wife and a later former partner after they’d left him, fraud, intimidation, assault and drug charges, amongst others. There are too many crimes to list. We’re only reviewing a few, as this post would be super long if we went through everything he’s done.

Why would he do this? Because he believes he’s better than everyone else. Moreover, Mehajer thinks he’s entitled to do whatever he wants without the proper permits and whatnot. 

The Threats Towards His Ex-Wife And Other Girlfriends

Going over to his threats towards his former wife, he filmed himself threatening Aysha and her family with rape and domestic violence if she didn’t call him back. Salim Mehajer blamed A Current Affair, claiming the videos were out of context.

While this technically isn’t a crime, he spent 1 million dollars on his lavish wedding. He also attempted to get into wedding planning after his marriage broke down.

Also, he has recently been in a legal fight with a woman (it is unclear whether it is Aysha, whom he divorced in 2018, or another former partner) who alleges Mehajer assaulted her multiple times. He has since fired back and claimed she’s the one who has been attacking him and that she was going through his phone. Moreover, he also accused her of sending “fake text messages from his phone” in recorded police interviews.

The woman also said she was terrified to speak to police. She feared what Mehajer would do to her.

Pattern Of Domestic Violence

Mahajer has a pattern of domestic violence, not just regarding Aysha, but towards other women. The former Auburn deputy mayor has been accused of threatening an ex-girlfriend’s family, like putting a bullet in the head of the ex’s mother. He was in court in late April 2023 to defend himself against domestic violence allegations. His ex-wife was called as “a key witness” despite them not being on speaking terms.

Salim has also been pulled up on fraud offences and fraud charges.

Mahajer has been found guilty in the New South Wales District Court as of June 2023 of six domestic violence charges.

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