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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Finnegans Meet The Forresters (Some Of ‘Em) And Drama Will Be Going Down!


Finnegans meet Forresters and let’s not forget about the drama…

[CAUTION: This post contains spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful]

Steffy has finally met Finn’s parents, Jack and Li Finnegan and they’ve taken to her and her family very well. They adore their new little grandson, Hayes and they’ve met the Forresters. While all is dandy, there’s something that isn’t sitting right that no one has picked up on yet.

We mentioned the other day that Jack appears to be hiding something. For a while now, we’ve known that Finn’s past was going to bubble to the surface. We knew his folks were going to show up and were rumours that one of his parents was going to be someone we know. Well, we learned last week that wasn’t much of a surprise really that the hot doc was adopted. Also, there were spoilers that someone was going to pop up unexpectedly.

Turns we now know who that is. It’s going to none other than Sheila Carter, according to Soap Dirt! However, if that isn’t shocking enough, it looks like Jack actually is Finn’s biological father if the publication is correct.

It’s currently unknown if Li knows about Sheila and her tendency to be a psycho and a murderer. It would be weird if she didn’t. Wouldn’t she question how her husband ended up with a random baby boy? There’s a load of questions that are bound to come up sooner rather than later.

According to Soap Dirt (link above), it’s likely Li doesn’t know as she doesn’t appear worried when Finn and Steffy post their wedding announcement to social media. They also point out that it’s possible Jack lied to his wife.

Great Jack Lie!

We all know how soap operas work by now. There’s always one person or five who are holding a screen pretty close to their chests. Could it be possible that Jack is holding back a lie of his own? Yes, absolutely. There is so much going on right now with his and Li’s arrival that it might be an afterthought. However, @hopebethspencer on Instagram posted a video from Entertainment Tonight of a preview scene and behind-the-scenes.

While it doesn’t show anything to do with Jack, it does show (or appears to) that the wedding goes off without a hitch, and then Sheila shows up during the reception. According to what was shown, Finn brings her out and there’s an exchange before she says, “I wouldn’t lie to you about this.” as Jacqui points out in the interview part, the audience knows how much of a troublemaker she is.

Did Sheila contact Jack? Or did he contact her? Has he known the whole time that Sheila is Finn’s biological mother? There’s so much we don’t know but REALLY want to know!

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