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Sheila Carter’s Mother Complex! Oh, And Bill Helps Li

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Kudos to Kimberlin Brown. As much as we adore Kimberlin Brown as an actress, we cannot help but despise her character Sheila Carter. We’ve spoken before about how Sheila is NOT Finn’s mother. However, in recent episodes, mommy dearest is becoming an irritation. Her constant harping that shooting her son was an accident is something that doesn’t fly with most people.

Sheila Carter shot Steffy Forrester Finnegan on purpose and refused to allow her to call an ambulance to help Finn Finnegan. That’s not something a true mother would do. Steffy had every right to be suspicious. Sheila is a monster and will never change. She’s not like Deacon Sharpe, who puts in the effort so he could have a relationship with his daughter, Hope Logan and his grandchildren, Beth Spencer and Douglas Forrester.

In the back alley of a random seafood restaurant, Bill Spencer, Beth’s grandfather, helps a traumatised Li Finnegan, who is still alive from her run-in with Sheila. However, there’s a catch; Bill and Li don’t know each other. However, Li might not take long to work out who he is as he takes her to his house, where he has photos of his sons, Liam, Wyatt and Will Spencer.

The Spencers Don’t Know Li

We don’t know how much of Liam’s family Li would know, as Wyatt nor Bill were at Steffy and Finn’s wedding. Come to think of it; we cannot remember if Liam was there. But we suspect he was, as he’s Kelly Spencer’s dad. Li also now has trust issues due to what happened to her. However, we cannot blame her as Sheila tried to kill her.

Li adores her son and would fight tooth and nail for him. However, so would Sheila. She believes she is entitled to be in his life. But she’s not, as she willingly gave him up and did horrible things to his in-laws. As a result, the two mothers have clashed, with one almost losing her life and the other demanding their son love her.

Did Li have a plan to fight Sheila? Of course, she didn’t. She is the last person she expected to show up at her door. But, of course, she might’ve expected someone like her ex-husband, Jack or even Ridge or Taylor, as they’ve been puzzled as to why she’s become sketchy towards them.

Does Li Finnegan Blame Steffy And The Forresters For Sheila Carter Showing Up?

At the time, we thought Li wasn’t blaming Steffy or the Forresters for Sheila’s sudden arrival. But now that we think back on it, she does. Finn would be alive in her mind if it weren’t for them. So while we know now she knew Finn was alive the whole time, it would make it easier for Sheila.

We’re not defending Sheila in any manner. She doesn’t deserve to be involved in Finn or Hayes Finnegan’s lives. Finn made this known to his mommy dearest in today’s episode. He wants to get out of his prison and see his family. We get that, but the only person who can do that is now sitting on Bill’s couch, traumatised and unable to speak.

Bill understands what compassion looks like. His sons have shown him how to love and be kind. Sheila, however, doesn’t have that. So while she screams that if the Forresters had just shown her compassion, then none of the drama would be happening now, she misses one thing. She is the maker of her destiny.

Li Is Finn’s True Mother, Not Sheila Carter

If she had not tried to worm her way into the Forrester clan all those years ago, she wouldn’t be demanding respect now. Instead, Sheila has destroyed herself multiple times over the seemingly endless decades of her existence. Her demands fall flat. However, being forceful is not a maternal trait, and she fails to realise this.

Li was patient and nurtured Finn, shaping the man we’ve come to know today. There’s no denying that. She was Finn’s inspiration to become a doctor. But, as far as he is concerned, Sheila is a disruptive stranger trying to force him to love her.

Sheila has a very twisted view of what maternal love is. She thinks forcing a child to love their parent is a trait. It’s not; it won’t matter if they’re biological children. One classic example is Hope with Douglas Forrester, her adoptive son, whom she has custody of due to what happened during the Baby Beth Switch.

Examples Of Healthy Adoptive Parent-Child Relationships

Douglas is drawn to Hope because he lost his biological mother, Caroline Spencer. In addition, his father, Thomas Forrester, was struggling and his obsession with Hope returned to raise its foul head. He wanted Hope, but she didn’t want him, but she ended her marriage to Liam so he could play happy families with Steffy and her two little girls, Kelly and Phoebe. Phoebe was Beth, but no one had known this at the time.

Hope presided to marry Thomas so Douglas could have two parents. But unfortunately, the marriage lasted not even a week. Thomas had stopped Flo and Zoe from saying anything about Beth.

This was when Thomas decided to use Zoe to make Hope jealous. He created the allusion in Douglas’ head that if he married Zoe, it would remove Hope as his mother. When Hope realised what was going on, she rallied Liam and Steffy to bring Tommy Boy unstuck.

Another example we could use is Eric, who adopted Donna’s long-lost son, Marcus, when they were married.

In conclusion, Sheila is not the perfect mother for Finn and therefore has no place in the family dynamic. Li is the woman who has a right to be called such a thing.

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