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luna baby daddy, poppy family secret
The Bold And The Beautiful

Why Does Poppy Keep Dismissing Luna’s Questions About Her Dad?

Poppy Nozawa could be keeping a massive baby daddy family secret regarding her daughter, Luna Nozawa’s paternity. She has been incredibly cagey about who her adult child’s father is, and it’s become apparent that whatever she is hiding, it’s big. There has been speculation that the baby daddy mystery surrounding Luna’s paternity has been pointing …

Brooke Steffy
The Bold And The Beautiful

Wow! Brooke And Steffy Agree On Something! Are We Living In An Alternate Universe?

Brooke Logan and Steffy Forrester have not always gotten along for obvious reasons. It is also incredibly rare that they agree on anything. Neither of them wants Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester together because they know what a toxic combination they are. What makes it even more entertaining is that Thomas hasn’t changed deep down. …

Thomas, Hope
The Bold And The Beautiful

The Current Bold And The Beautiful Storyline Is To Put Thomas On A Pedastal While Throwing Hope Under The Bus – OPINION

Hope Logan is not like her mother, Brooke. However, the latest storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful seems to erase everything she is and throws her under the bus. Meanwhile, Thomas Forrester is propped onto a pedestal, erasing everything he has ever done. She is not saying anything about Phoebe Forrester II being Beth …