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The Bold And The Beautiful: Does Li Have A Plan To Fight Sheila?

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Sheila Carter believes she has a right to be involved in Finn’s care as she birthed him. Li needs to watch herself regarding her son’s biological mother. She knows what the psycho can do, especially when she is double-crossed. She shot Steffy and left her and Finn for dead in an alley. It doesn’t matter if she was scared of the consequences. Shooting Taylor and Ridge‘s daughter and their son-in-law, almost leaving their grandson an orphan, shows she has not changed.

She can scream all she likes that she has, but the truth of the matter is a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Li needs to remember this as she discovered that her husband had an affair with Sheila, resulting in Finn’s conception. While Finn is not at fault for how he came to be, his birth mother doesn’t want to be seen as a villain but cannot break the vicious cycle she has created around herself.

What Is Li Planning?

Anyone who is anyone knows how dangerous she is, especially Sheila’s obsession; the Forresters. She has always been hung up on being one of them. This objective has not changed and isn’t very comforting because she could set her sights on anyone at any moment. So Li will need to think fast if she will escape her home.

We know Sheila knocked Li out before the doctor regained consciousness sometime later. However, she acted like she was embracing the villain as her son’s mother. Though, deep down, she is terrified. She’s being held prisoner at home and cannot answer the phone without Sheila’s approval.

While this is strange behaviour, it seems there is more to this than we think. Li is possibly attempting to outplay Sheila and have her recaptured. We know Ms Carter escaped prison with the help of her old friend Mike who posed as a correctional officer and was able to smuggle her out.

Li Fears For Her Life And For A Good Reason!

Li will continue to fear for her life and that of her son. We’ve seen speculation that Sheila could kill the doctor, prompting her to look after Finn alone. We don’t see this happening, as it would make the storyline redundant. Why keep the hot doc alive and then kill Li, the only one able to keep him alive?

Let’s pray that Li has something up her sleeve because this storyline will snowball quickly if she is murdered. Moreover, Sheila will do her damn hardest to counter everything the doc does. Finally, if she genuinely cares about Finn, she will allow the mother who raised him to do her job.

Li’s Actions Are Illegal

After all, everything Li is doing is illegal. Legally, Finn is dead as she signed the death certificate, as she has previously stated. Now that Sheila knows, it will be more difficult to explain how he’s alive to everyone who was told he died that horrible night.

Sucking up to Sheila is the last thing Li wants to do, but if she can do a convincing enough job, she might be able to ring Baker to arrest her son’s attempted killer. However, explaining why she signed a death certificate when Finn was still alive will also be challenging. Will she be arrested and charged for something like this? Could she lose her medical licence?

Sheila Needs To Keep Her Nose Out Of It!

The one thing annoying to the viewers is how Sheila thinks she has the authority to be in Finn’s life. Finn knows the type of person she is and was on the way to stop her from harming his wife the night they were both shot.

The whole reason the hot doc was shot was to protect his wife. Li knows this, and Sheila does too. So, why did the former nurse tell Steffy not to ring emergency services but discover Finn is alive, and she orders Li to take him to a hospital? It makes no sense. Either the writers messed up, for it was done on purpose to make it appear that she’s forgetful.

Plot points that make no sense are written into The Bold and the Beautiful code. Remember how Taylor died twice and was suddenly alive the whole time on both occasions? While this was crazy, the last thing we want to happen is to bring back Storm when we all know his heart inside Katie.

We’ve said before that Sheila is not Finn’s mother. She didn’t raise him. Li did. She is the one that Finn calls “mom.” Sheila cannot force Finn to love her and allow her access to Hayes. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Finn knows how Steffy, the Forresters, and the extended family feel about Sheila. He’s heard the horror stories and what happened with Taylor’s shooting and how she lost years with her children.

Please Sheila, Just Be Quiet!

Sheila needs to overcome the fact that she is no longer a family member. Even her ex-husband, Eric, who is kind to everyone, despite their faults, hates her. After all, she did rob three of his grandchildren of their mother. In conclusion, she must be delusional if she thinks the Forresters will turn against Brooke for drinking when she is the reason why the matriarch started to do so after years of sobriety. Even Steffy defended her on-off stepmother. When comparing her to Steffy’s wicked bio-mother-in-law, Brooke is the lesser of two evils.

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