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The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Li’s Murder Will Be Sheila’s Downfall

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Sheila murdering Li will cause her downfall. Li Finnegan’s murder parallels Emma Barber’s death during the Baby Beth storyline. Though, Emma’s car went off the road into an embankment. Li’s car was rammed from behind before it went up in flames and fell into the water. Though, there is one similarity. Thomas and Sheila stood above the wreckage and watched their victims die with the same evil smiles.

While Emma’s killer wasn’t bought to justice, Li’s murderer is on the loose and very dangerous when crossed. This is Sheila Carter; we’re talking about who happened to be responsible for shooting Taylor and then doing the same years after to her daughter. However, there is no way she will be able to get away with murdering Li, right? Well, if Thomas wasn’t held accountable for Emma’s death, than Sheila could get away with doing the same to Li.

Sheila is already facing prison time for the murder of Finn. Now that we know Finn is alive and on the verge of waking up, it’s only a matter of time before he starts asking where Li is. We know from spoilers that Sheila and her pal, Mike, will have to tend to him now that Li is gone.

If you recall, before he was shot, Finn was on the way to tell Sheila off. He jumped in front of his bio mother’s bullet, intended for his wife. His wife! Come on already! If that’s not noble we’re not sure what is. Sheila needs to watch herself because if Finn gets his memories back, he’ll turn his mother in to the police. Finally, Jack is due to make a reappearance when he cannot get ahold of Li, which leads him to worry something has happened to her.

Whatever happens next, is going to be crazy. Sheila don’t know what to do about explaining the murder of Li.

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