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Ahsoka Episode 6: Live-Action Appearances – Review

Ezra, Thrawn, Nightsisters
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It’s the reunion we never thought we’d get on screen. Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger together once more. We knew Ezra was returning, but we didn’t think it would be this week’s Ahsoka episode entitled Far, Far, Away. Speaking of the titular character, she isn’t the main focus this time, as she appears in one scene in the entire entry. It worked very well without her, which often doesn’t work in other properties. An off-topic example would be Arrow after Oliver Queen had died during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Even though that show had a few episodes left to air, it didn’t feel the same without the Green Arrow. We’ll talk about Thrawn in a moment.

Eman Esfandi did a fantastic job as Ezra in Ahsoka. The character’s transition from Taylor Gray’s animated Ezra to Eman’s live-action iteration was perfection. As was Lars Mikkelsen’s Grand Admiral Thrawn. He looked terrifying in painted blue. The promo shots didn’t do him justice. Another surprise we got was the spooky live-action Nightsister witches. We were not expecting to see versions in the show, such less this late in the game. We need a live-action Ventress and Merrin, and we’ll be good.

Baylan Skoll Has His Time To Shine And The Cuddly Critters!

Another fascinating aspect we got is a little bit more into the backstory of Baylan Skoll. We learn that in 19BBY, he was about Shin’s age when Order 66 happened. It also looks like there might be a power struggle between the master and apprentice pair in the last two episodes. We cannot believe that Ahsoka is almost over!

Another thing that we loved was the Howler, the dog/camel/horse creature that Sabine is seen riding throughout the episode, given to her by Thrawn. It was cute! As were the Noti, the hermit crab people whom Ezra befriended.

Thrawn Looks Amazing!

Moving over to Thrawn, he’s just as incredible as we remember from Star Wars Rebels. Bringing Lars back to play the live-action iteration was the right move. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from studying celebrity PR, it’s if you deny playing a role in a project, it usually means the opposite. So, Mikkelsen claiming to have no role in the series was total bull, as it was the same play Andrew Garfield used when he was asked about being in Spider-Man No Way Home. We understand why both actors had to lie. Hayden Christensen also had to lie and say “no comment” at a fan convention. They didn’t want to ruin the surprise for when they did appear.

For those who might not know that much about Thrawn, he is a Chiss who fought in the Clone Wars and then fought for the Empire. Check out his Wookieepedia profile (link above) for more details.

We have two episodes left, and we cannot wait to see how it ends.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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