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Meghan’s Mole Has Lost Her Twitter Account

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Megxiteer, Meghan’s Mole has lost her Twitter account – Beloved Megxiteer, Meghan’s Mole, has been suspended from Twitter. It is believed powerful forces are continuing to force a shutdown of accounts that speak out against Meghan Markle.

A certain man who will not be named or associated with this site (we’ve made that mistake before) is believed to be responsible. Anyone who has been following Project Fangirl for a while will know who we’re referring to. The dude has been bragging about it since the news hit the Sussex Squad.

Meghan’s Mole did a live stream after her Twitter account was suspended. She explains in the video that she was sent a DM by someone with a news article from Ellie Hall. When she returned to Twitter after reading the article, she received a notice from Twitter saying that her account had been taken down.

Some Megxiteers have come up with the theory that Meghan’s Mole was hacked. Others have come to the conclusion it was he-who-mustn’t-be-named. It makes the most sense as he is bragging about it. However, we’re not going to add more fuel to the fire as the guy isn’t worth anyone’s time or oxygen. He’s as toxic as anyone who backs the Sussexes and goes on a screaming rampage about things they disagree with.

Another Megxiteer Unfairly Thrown Off Twitter

We commented on Meghan’s Mole’s two-hour video a few times throughout the stream, and she said she did not get an IP ban, which is what Yankee Wally and Murky Meg got when they were terminated from Twitter. However, to my knowledge, Duchess of Narsussex got an IP ban, and she could see things on her Twitter account even though she couldn’t use it. If anyone back that up, we’d appreciate it. To end this post, we want to reach out to anyone who understands how Twitter functions behind the scenes.

Please NOTE: This article has been updated several times since its publication in 2022.

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