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Meghan Markle Doesn’t DO Family Values – OPINION

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Meghan Markle doesn’t honestly believe in family values. If she did, she would have forgiven her father for those pap shots and allowed Prince Harry to take their ‘children’ to see their extended family. This woman has made her husband a husk of his former self to the point not even his own brother recognises him.

We’re bringing this up because of the backlash Meghan Markle got at the Invictus Games when she mentioned ‘family values’ during her “impromptu” speech. She does not care about family. She never has. Megsy was willing to abandon her ailing father just before her wedding after he suffered a heart attack because he did a pap stroll.

The Original Markle Family Narrative Was Wrong

I no longer believe what I wrote in my grandfather BaBS post from a couple of years ago. We’ve also seen what an embarrassment and disgrace Meghan Markle is to the Invictus Games. Meghan claims she was late to the games because she had to drop the kids off at school and get them milkshakes.

Give Us Photos, Or It Didn’t Happen

Okay. Only Archie is old enough to be at school, which is probably preschool or pre-K. Lilibet is two. She’s not old enough to be at school and likely not old enough to have milkshakes. Also, there are five or six In-N-Outs in Montecito. It will depend on where Meghan came from. Also, if she was getting milkshakes for her children, why weren’t the kids in the car with her? We know about the pap shots that were taken of Megsy at the drive-through. She also claimed that the staff “get surprised”, which I call BS on, by the way,

Also, we don’t know what she ordered. If she did order milkshakes, she would have gotten photos. Again, there is no proof she did this. We’re expected to believe her for whatever reason she tells herself. As someone who has been following this trainwreck couple for the past five-ish years, Meghan and Harry’s PR tactics are getting more and more prominent, and it shows. I’ll do a post about this later.

Meghan Markle Doesn’t Care About Family Values

Returning to the family values crap Meghan was going on about; she would have taken the kids to the games with her if she cared. She would’ve gotten over her “betrayal” and forgiven her dad. But no. She didn’t want the truth about herself getting out, and knowing her father knew her incredibly well, had to cut him out as she knew he would talk. Moreover, her mother could profit from the Sussex marriage. She keeps her mouth shut and goes along with her daughter’s lies because she wants money. It is speculative (allegedly) that Doria is a drug pal to Harry.

Also, Meghan never cared about the veterans. How do we know that? Look at how she talks about her handicapped sister. A person who respects the disabled doesn’t select who they respect or don’t. They respect everyone.

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