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Why Did Meghan Destroy Any Physical Evidence Of Her Wedding To Trevor? – THOUGHTS AND OPINION

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What was Meghan Markle trying to hide? Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, unleashed many truth bombs about her and her lies. One of the interesting tidbits is that she destroyed evidence of her first wedding to Trevor Engelson. Cheere Denise questions in her clip from her book review why Meghan would choose to destroy evidence that she was ever married to Trevor.

Bower says that there were two weddings. One at a courthouse in Los Angeles and the second more well-known one in Jamaica that was just one big party. He also alleges that no one could find out about the wedding without a court order. This is odd as she and Trevor weren’t even well-known.

Marriage Was Not For The Right Reasons

Meghan also didn’t even want to get married for the right reasons. She didn’t love Trevor because she genuinely loved him. She wanted to marry him for the ring, and that was it. Even his parents saw through her act and were devastated by her betrayal when she returned her wedding and engagement rings to Trevor in the post without a note. Also, no one was allowed to take videos or photos. However, Tom Snr did, and he has hung onto them.

Only Thomas’s photos remain, some of which have been made public if they are his. Moreover, Meghan didn’t realise she couldn’t keep the marriage entirely under wraps. As a result, there were over a hundred witnesses to the ceremony in Jamaica. They could all say there was a wedding. Amongst the guests were the cast of Suits. Now, there is speculation that not ALL the cast liked Meghan. One is allegedly Sarah Rafferty, who played Rachel Zane’s best friend, Donna.

Only Stable Friend From Suits Is…

Of all the cast who have anything to do with Meghan, Abigail Spencer, who only had a bit of part across 15 episodes of the show’s nine-season run, has anything to do with her. However, many of the cast have come out in Meghan’s defence.

If there is an answer to this question, we’d say that Meghan was embarrassed to be married to a man whose career was at some stalemate as hers was. Also, she knew from the beginning that she was only accepting the proposal and going through with the wedding because of the bling. Does anyone believe it is strange that all the time she and Trevor were married, they never lived in the same house?

Weird, right?

The Wedding Paper Trail

Anyway, Meghan fails to realise that there is a paper trail. Just because she said no photos and destroyed the wedding video doesn’t mean all the evidence is suddenly gone. As mentioned earlier, there were witnesses and Thomas’ photos. Also, documents were filed at the Los Angeles courthouse that a marriage had happened.

When the divorce came around, Meghan seemed to forget all this and didn’t have the marriage annulled; what is even stranger is that she has never denied being married before Harry. So why destroy the wedding tape in the first place? Even if the marriage were annulled, there would still be proof. Also, Doria told Thomas.

In conclusion, whatever Meghan tried to achieve by hiding that she was married to Trevor didn’t work. While we may never know the true story, it shows that she only loves status, and her first husband was a means to an end for her.

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