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Will Meghan Continue Her Victimhood When She Returns To her Montecito Kingdom?

It hasn’t been twenty-four hours since Her Majesty’s burial when she reunited with her beloved Prince Philip, and we’re still wondering what crap Meghan Markle will pull now that the funeral is over. She’ll return to her kingdom of Montecito, pretending to care about The Queen and how moving it was to see the family pull together in their time of grief. But instead, we know she will draw more of her victimhood narrative to get media coverage.

Before all you Sussex Squad idiots call me a hypocrite, a racist and the usual BS, you can all eff off. I’ve said numerous times that this is MY site. So I can say whatever I want. The Order of Service that came out just hours before the funeral is pretty damning for Meghan and whatever coverage she thought she would get. She had to walk behind her niece, Princess Charlotte, the little girl she bullied during the Bridesmaid dress fitting, a fact confirmed by Tom Bower in his book, Revenge.

There have been rumours that Meghan is scrambling to rerecord the remaining episodes of Archetypes because she slammed the family. However, Spotify has insisted she not do it because they’ve already spent truckloads of money on getting the podcast produced, and they also want the goods. Markle News on Instagram reported on a rumour that it is unclear whether she will rerecord the podcast, and Spotify sure as HELL won’t let her do it. The speculation continues to say that the DuchessASS is terrified of Catherine, Princess of Wales. Do I personally believe this? Yeah, I think this is true.

The Princess of Wales is no longer equal to Meghan. I have heard that before The Queen’s passing, Meghan, despite her jealousy, saw Catherine and Camilla on equal footing as they were all Duchesses. However, this is no longer the case. Two of the three are going up in the world while one remains as is.

Camilla is now Queen Consort. Catherine is now the Princess of Wales. Meghan is still the Duchess of Sussex. She doesn’t get a title change. The other two ladies, who have not trashed the family they married into, are more critical than before. To all those Sussex squaddies reading this, when the Prince Albert of York became King George VI, his elder brother, the previous king, Edward VIII, was demoted to being the Duke of Windsor. This was because he abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson.

George VI’s two other siblings were not deceased when he became king; Mary, Princess Royal and Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, were NOT elevated because their brother was the monarch. King George V and Queen Mary of Teck had six children. Unfortunately, their youngest son, Prince John, died young.

So, going back to the media coverage of Meghan during the mourning period for Her Majesty, there was a refreshing lack thereof. For once, the press wasn’t focused on Markle. However, there were a ton of publications that were writing about her and publishing articles during the funeral. Firstly, this is insanely tacky. Secondly, this is precisely what Meghan wants. I will admit I published an article on the Sussexes a couple of days ago. However, I didn’t post anything on them DURING the funeral. I’m not crass. I mentioned her in the arrivals at the funeral yesterday, but that is it.

I can hear the cogs in Meghan’s head turning now. She will be looking for a way to make herself out to be the victim. She can’t use the race card as the effect has worn off. Three people of colour delivered readings. If these individuals had thought that the royals, the late Queen or The King, were racist, they would NOT have agreed to speak.

Meghan’s media coverage caters to those left-leaning people who are all up on woke ideologies. They don’t do their research or care because they will believe a person’s truth over facts. So it’s no wonder we get images where Harry looks out of his depth because the family he was once close to wants nothing to do with him. Little Sun on Twitter posted this photo of the royal men gathered together, and Harry sticks out like a sore thumb.

The royals do not trust him, and for a good reason. He threw them under the bus and made The Queen’s final years a living hell with the backstabbing and lies. I could go on, but there’s no need. I’ve written enough about this in the past five years to realise that there’s a pattern. Look at what happened when Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend and Omid Scobie reported on Prince Philip’s funeral last year. Let’s not forget the sexist gaffe Ms King made about Princess Anne. Just by that blunder, it’s clear she never had an interest in any of the royal families until Meghan.

Most Americans, Gayle and Oprah included, are ignorant of how British traditions work. Meghan knows this. She uses this tactic as she knows how the majority of the American market works. However, her idea of coverage now is not what it was.

Many Americans are sick of seeing Meghan and Harry’s names in the media daily. I cannot say I blame them. She is an annoyance now. It has also been noted that Sunshine Sachs has dumped the Sussexes for many issues. Multiple rumours have said:

  • Meghan wasn’t paying her bills to Sunshine Sachs on time.
  • Sunshine Sachs tried to get other clients to vouch for the Sussexes but couldn’t, so they were cut loose.
  • Meghan’s reputation is irreparable, and even Sunshine Sachs can’t fix it.

Whatever the case is, the Sussexes are a lost cause in Hollywood now. They made their beds when they constantly threw people under the metaphorical bus. I believe Meghan has moulded Harry into a version of herself that is bitter and self-righteous. She is uncomfortable with who she is. Moreover, this is why she looks down her nose at women higher in rank. Markle claims that she is comfortable, but bullying of a toddler is a sign that she is not compassionate. Let’s not forget how those bullying allegations came out just days before the Oprah interview.

The Sussex Squad scream that is no evidence of bullying, but my logic is this. If there were one or two people, I would question it. However, at least a dozen people came forward. How is this NOT evidence? Moreover, this is similar to the Harvey Weinstein situation. Donna Rotunno, Weinstein’s lawyer, claimed every woman who came forward about the disgraced media mogul was lying. There were over 90 victims.

While the acts were different, it shows that people with power think no one will question them. I believe this is what the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, was talking about during the Queen’s funeral service when he said, as per the Toronto Sun:

Leaders of loving service are still rarer. But in all cases, those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are forgotten.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral

Do I believe this was a swipe at the Sussexes? Yes, absolutely. The Toronto Sun article even mentions that the Archbishop looked in the Sussexes’ direction when talking. I applaud him for this. He, too, is thrown to the wolves during the Oprah interview. In addition, Meghan claimed he married her and Harry three days before the legal ceremony.

Welby came out swinging a few days later. He said that if he had married the pair three days before the televised event; it would be a crime. The marriage certificate proves Archbishop is correct.

A recent article by Spectator World’s Kara Kennedy mentioned Meghan telling lies about the monarchy, and the UK’s press within the country of her husband’s birth. Kennedy mentions Markle’s claim that little girls still view her as a “real life princess”, which was made in The Cut article from a couple of weeks back. Not many kids see her as a princess as they don’t understand the difference between a princess and a duchess.

I can imagine what she tells Lilibet. “Oh, look, my little flower. We’re both princesses.” Oy vay.

Meghan and Harry will be limping back to their little Montecito kingdom to find it trashed. They were only supposed to be away from California for a few days. The Queen’s passing delayed their journey back to be with the phantom children. Also, who the hell allowed Gayle King to host the funeral coverage? She and Omid Scabies – sorry, Scobie – covered Prince Philip’s funeral, and they butchered it. Surprisingly, Megsy didn’t pull a massive PR stunt like last time.

Give it a few weeks, and she’s going to cry about how she couldn’t walk in front of the coffin. Tom Bower told Dan Wootton that Meghan and Her Majesty were not close. Markle made the same claim about having a supposedly close connection to Prince Philip as they were both “outsiders.”

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