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The Complaints Just Keep Happening! No One Cares, Harry And Meghan!


Just keep complaining, Harry and Meghan, because no one cares what you want. No one cares to hear your complaints about how your children do not have titles or how you weren’t allowed to wear military dress. Big. Freaking. Whoop. You made your bed; now you need to deal with it. Look at the line of succession before Her Majesty passed.

Zara and Peter and their children haven’t got titles. Neither do Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie’s children. The only great-grandchildren of the late monarch to have titles are George, Charlotte and Louis, as their father would be the future king. Now that the Queen is resting peacefully with her beloved Prince Philip, King Charles has proposed slimming down the monarchy. He had been talking about this for years before Meghan came on the scene.

Harry has complained about not wearing his military uniform at BOTH of his paternal grandparents’ funerals. The first was when he and his uncle Andrew whinged that they could wear them to Prince Philip’s funeral seventeen months ago. He needs to realise that he chose to leave his role as a working royal and was not allowed to keep the job’s perks. Moreover, this is what happens when you leave any career. For example, you don’t get to keep the company car if you leave a real estate job.

I’ve written before that Harry didn’t deserve to wear his military uniform to his grandmother’s funeral. As I mentioned at the end of my previous Chronicles of Harkle post, Meghan will find something to complain about when they return to Montecito. Navigating life after the Queen’s death will be interesting as her family and the world have never been without her.

Would Meghan shut down the Sussex Squad who are crying that Catherine is now the Princess of Wales? Of course not. She wants there to be conflict and drama so she can continue her victim narrative. Also, what is she going to say about the Waleses now? That Princess Charlotte refused to talk to her when she tried to be nice? Why would she when she was bullied? Also, what was her motive for bullying the little Princess? Bravo to Queen Camilla, Sophie and the Princess of Wales for forming a ring around George and Charlotte. Whatever the overall plan was when Markle got her claws into Harry has all but gone out the window now that Charles is king.

Moving back to whatever complaint Harry will have, he will no longer have his grandmother there to shield him. He has to go through William if he needs money now. If he were to go to his father, he’d tell him, “Go see your brother.” I doubt the Prince of Wales will give in to him, especially after the stunt Meghan pulled with Catherine and Charlotte. Brittany of the Royal News Network made a great point a few videos ago when she said that the Sussexes didn’t realise that not only did they have to suck up to the Queen, but they had to suck up to Charles and William too. With Her Majesty now gone, they have to tread carefully; something neither can do.

I would hate to be Harry when the information came out that Catherine got to meet with the First Lady of Ukraine. Meghan would’ve thrown one hell of a fit. Did she cry to Lili’s alleged godmother, Princess Eugenie? Somehow, I doubt it. Given the look Jack Brooksbank gave Harry at the funeral, as seen in Liz Kershaw’s video that she posted to Twitter, he wasn’t welcomed anywhere near his family.

[Credit: @LizKershawDJ – Twitter]

Remember when there was an explanation as to why William and Harry would NOT walk together during Prince Philip’s funeral? We didn’t get that with Her Majesty’s funeral. Thank god we didn’t because it would’ve been all over the news. The focus would’ve been on that and not giving the Queen the best sendoff possible. The surprising part was the brothers and Catherine talking on the way out of the church after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. Man, I can imagine how unhappy Meghan was when she saw the footage on the news. Anyway, when the Sussexes return to California the complaints train is going to be running full ball.

I can imagine what is going to happen when and if The King agrees to meet with her. There is a rumour going that Meghan wrote him a nice letter. We have no doubt she’ll leak if it’s real and than she will sue the newspaper. Markle has a pattern. Everyone with a brain knows this.

The cycle will continue as it when Her Majesty was alive. Go figure, right? She only wants to cause more division with Harry and his family. That way he’ll be left with nothing when they eventually split up. She’ll milk him for all the inheritance he has, including whatever The Queen has left him in her will. When he has nothing left, she’s dump him. She will use every trick in the book to keep the kids away from him.

Meghan wanted the fame and fortune. She got that, but not in the way she expected. Oh and that tosh about her and Harry being like salt and pepper? Yeah, complete nonsense. I’d forgotten about this until I was scrolling through Kara Kennedy’s Spectator article that I linked earlier. This is no different to what she told The Cut which spanned over 6k words about how Harry compared them to palm trees linked at the trunk. Oy vey.

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