The Order Of Service Reveals The Placement Of The Sussexes

Order of Service

The Order of Service has been released for Her Majesty’s state funeral possession, revealing where the Sussexes will be placed. Joe Little of Majesty Magazine posted to Twitter a few hours ago the order in which the major players will be during the service.

[Credit: @MajestyMagazine – Twitter]

As you can see in the Order of Service, the Sussexes will walk behind their niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, in the possession. We mentioned in an earlier article that two of the three Wales children would be present to bid farewell to the woman they knew as ‘Gan Gan.’

We’ve all heard the rumour that the Duchess of Sussex bullied Princess Charlotte before the 2018 royal wedding. According to Tom Bower, the bullying of the little princess did happen. So now, Meghan must be stewing that she has to walk behind the same little girl she picked on four years ago. Thankfully, the Princess of Wales will be there to ensure no funny business regarding her sister-in-law and daughter.

Also, we’re sure Prince George will step in to protect his little sister if necessary. Finally, let’s not forget Sophie, Countess of Wessex will be driving with Meghan to Westminster Abbey, so she will likely be the barrier between Markle and the Waleses. We do not need the drama right now as we know what is coming the second the mourning period is over.

We hope that Harry realises he is missing out on so much regarding his family.

What’s Next In Our Coverage?

After the Queen’s funeral, we’ll be resuming our usual coverage. One of the first things we’ll be covering is Harry’s constant complaints about his uniform and the Netflix cameras that our friend Sue Smith pointed out during her latest video. So basically, if the Sussexes need calling out, we will do it. We’ll also be covering other parts of the funeral, including the reactions to seeing certain royals.

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