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Piers Morgan is right. Being white isn’t illegal. Last weekend, over 100 million people tuned in to the coronation of King Charles III of England and his wife, Queen Camilla. However, the comment made by the actress Adjoa Andoh during the coverage insulted people. There were over 4000 complaints to Ofcom. White racism is a real thing.

Here’s the kicker.

Ms Andoh is mixed race. She was part of the commentary team for ITV, where she said that the occupants of the Buckingham Palace balcony were “terribly white.” As a Caucasian woman, this, to me, is white racism. However, Adjoa should have known better, as she has a white parent. Her husband is white too. The two children she has with him would be more white than black. She has three children, one being from a previous relationship.

Genetics work funnily. With a mixed-race couple having a baby, you never know what you will get. A child could lean towards appearing more white, like Meghan Markle. But, on the other hand, they could look more black than white like Adjoa does. Or they could have a skin tone that is somewhere in between.

Meghan Markle Sparks A Race Row

As multitudes of people have said in the past, Meghan Markle lied when she said the questioning of her unborn child’s skin colour was racist. I’ve said this many times, and I’m sick of repeating myself, but to ask about what a future offspring will look like is NOT racist. What did Meghan expect? Her parents were asked the same questions before she was born.

It’s not racist when the child is more Caucasian in appearance than you are. As I said, I’m white and proud of it. However, there is nothing wrong with tapping into both sides of your heritage if you are mixed race. For example, I recently wrote an article comparing Meghan with Aboriginal senator Lidia Thorpe. Both have renounced that they are mixed-race, and how they both threw their (caucasian) fathers under the bus for speaking out against them and only using their mother’s side of their ethnicities.

In the wake of the 2021 Oprah interview, mixed-race couples were coming out left and right, saying they had had conversations about what their unborn children would look like. Even comedian Chris Rock said that black people ask the same questions. So, this “racist” narrative is bogus.

Going back to white racism, it does exist, and it’s becoming more apparent. There are even Caucasian people involved in white racism. Look at Tessa Dunlop, who is meant to be a historian but has an unhealthy obsession with Prince Harry. This whole article exists because she and someone else argued with Piers Morgan about this topic.

Is White Racism Conscious Or Subconscious?

Depending on your definition, white racism is either conscious, meaning the person knows what they’re doing or subconscious, implicating that they don’t know what they’re saying.

Regardless, it is still not good. I do not believe that Adjoa Andoh made her comment consciously. If anything, she showed what the Sussexes would call unconscious bias, which is a woke way of saying “racism.”

Going over to Meghan Markle for a moment, I believe she is consciously in with white racism. Why? Because she accused the British royal family in its entirety of racism against her unborn child. This narrative lingered for two years before Harry said in an interview for his memoir Spare that there was no racism, despite it being heavily implied in the Oprah interview. Even his interviewer Tom Bradby was confused by this. She even only ever dated white men and not black men before complaining she was “never treated like a black woman” She resided in the United Kingdom.

White Racism
[Credit: The Mirror]

This would be a good time to bring up Harry. Meghan has him so twisted that an implication of racism has to be made directly; otherwise, he says it never happened. This is where the unconscious bias narrative comes in. Everyone, including myself, who watched the Oprah interview has said Meghan heavily implied racism, despite not saying the word.

Harry And His History Of Racism

Finally, Harry claims that he is proud that his children are mixed-race. Anyone who knows the prince’s past will remember he is not squeaky clean regarding racism, either. In an interview in his early 20s, he said he was glad that his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, “wasn’t black or anything.”

Chelsy is South African, so for Harry to imply he was glad she wasn’t black shows he never learned his lesson. Several years later, he would be caught on camera saying horrible things to fellow service members who were not white.

On The Me You Can’t See, he would claim that his mother, Princess Diana, was chased to her death by the paps because her boyfriend wasn’t white. This is a lie because Egyptians identify primarily as Caucasian, though there have been debates over whether they are black, brown or white.

Dodi Fayed was Caucasian; he was not black, as Harry claims. Also, Harry’s kids are more white than Meghan. He is full-white, while she is half-white.

Woke Black People Jump On The White Racism Train And Don’t Know It

When we talk about black people not liking white people, we’re talking about people like Oprah and Tyler Perry.

Oprah’s “What?” response during her infamous interview with Harry and Meghan is now embedded in people’s brains for eternity due to her stupidity.

She is a well-educated woman with many friends in mixed-race relationships with mixed-race children. So why would Meghan’s story about someone questioning Archie’s skin tone be problematic? She wanted the shock factor.

Then, we have Tyler Perry. He bashed the white royal family without even getting to know them. Perry even said during the Netflix series that if Lilibet were christened in the UK, he would not go because of how “racist” the royals were.

In all honesty, Tyler Perry comes across as black privileged. As does Oprah. Why? Because they think that they are the epitome of what it means to be wealthy black people. For those unsure if this is “racist” or not, it isn’t as white privilege exists too.

Perry and Oprah don’t realise they’ve jumped on a woke train as Meghan and Harry fed them so crap to make them hand over money to their cause.

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