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Why Meghan’s Apparent Attempt To Recruit Catherine To Netflix Backfired – OPINION


In no way would Catherine ever consider working for Netflix, especially after Meghan threw her under the royal bus.

Catherine said no. She did not want to get involved with the Sussex’s Netflix deal because she knew it was a scheme to get her to rat on the royal family. This is why the Yorks have opened their mouths to support Meghan and Harry.

The Duchess of Cambridge is insanely loyal to her in-laws and has never done anything bad against them. This is the polar opposite of Meghan, who has made accusations of racism – allegedly against Princess Anne – without providing proof. The reason we bring this up is that there have been articles floating through the royal channels of the internet about this. We’ve seen the Markle News post on Instagram, the Vanity Fair article saying it’s been considered, and the Page Six report.

Netflix has gotten nothing from the Sussexes since they signed their deal. It was only within the last couple of months have they actually announced projects. Meghan has Pearl coming out, which is basically a rip-off from Chelsea Clinton’s children’s books. Meanwhile, Harry has a Heart of Invictus, which allows him to make money off the Invictus Games, which, again, was plagiarised from the Warrior Games in the US.

Meghan has always been jealous of Catherine’s success. Despite the disgusted PR puff pieces saying that the two duchesses are close and want to heal the rift between their husbands, we know this is a load of BS. Markle has never cared about rules or about Kate. If she cared, why would she have thrown the future Queen consort under the bus in front of Oprah?

Totally Satire, And Sorry, Catherine Doesn’t Care For Fame

We did a satire piece a while ago on how we believe Meghan reacted to Hold Still being a success before it came out. In our eyes, Catherine’s loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen and her love for William has always been her biggest strength. She knows her sister-in-law well enough to know that Netflix only wants her because she’s more popular than Meghan.

Catherine doesn’t care for fame. That’s not who she is. She married for love. Not for a title, position, or money the way Meghan did. Her priority is her husband and children, whom she adores. The reason people love her more than Meghan is that she cares for people. She loves meeting people and hearing their stories. Markle, on the other hand, only cares about lining her pockets.

Meghan uses her title to win over businesses to make money. When people call her out, she accuses them of racism. Like we’ve said before, the whole world must be racist if they don’t agree with her.

Catherine would never use her privilege or connections to get ahead of those she considers competition. She embraces the challenges she is set, and that is why people love her.

As the saying goes, “Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan.” In this case, “Netflix needs Catherine more than Catherine needs Netflix.” Perhaps we can expand that and say, “Meghan and Netflix need Catherine, more than Catherine needs Meghan and Netflix.”

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