Extended Family Members Arrive At Westminster Abbey

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As the Queen’s state funeral gets underway, extended family members of the British royal family arrived at Westminster Abbey to farewell Her Majesty. Members of The Princess of Wales’ family, the Middletons, are on hand to say their goodbyes to the woman who welcomed Catherine into her family so many years ago. It is unknown which members of the Middleton clan are present.

Members of the Parker Bowles family are also in attendance. It is unclear if Laura Lopes, the daughter of Camilla, Queen Consort is present. Her brother, Tom Parker Bowles, is present with his children. It’s nice to see that non-royal extended family are in attendance for such a sad time.

The Middletons will have known Her Majesty quite well. They how many events they will have attended with her over the years. The same goes for the Parker Bowles family. The King is godfather to Tom Parker Bowles. Tom is now his stepson and has been for the last 17 years. This is since his mother has been married to Charles.

Other extended family members who will be in attendance will include distant relatives, including the King of Sweden.

As we write this post, we’ve had the arrival of the royal grandchildren, the Queen Consort, Princess of Wales and Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Sophie, Countess of Wessex and the Duchess of Sussex. Lady Sarah Chatto, The Queen’s niece, her husband Daniel, and their sons Samuel and Arthur also arrived.

At Westminster Hall, the male members of the family started to walk behind Her Majesty’s coffin after it was put on the back of the gun carriage. It is truly amazing to see so many factors of the military and the navy work together to farewell the woman they have served in the name of. Now, they serve His Majesty The King.

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