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Meghan Markle’s Love Of Dollar Signs, And Her Obvious Lack Of Understanding


This can’t wait. Initially, this opinion piece would wait until after Her Majesty’s state funeral, but I can’t keep it in until then. So, let’s get into it, shall we? Meghan Markle is unsympathetic towards her in-laws and never loved The Queen as she claimed. I stand by every word of what I’m about to say.

After watching the latest video by Brittany of the Royal News Network, I decided this couldn’t wait. Meghan’s display so far at the memorials she has been invited to before the Queen’s state funeral on Monday gives her true motives away without being aware of what she is showing.

Meghan’s Unsympathetic Stance On How She View The World

She claims to want forgiveness but is trying so hard to forgive; she wants the royals to apologise to her. In other words, she wants them to grovel to her like peasants in the 13th Century who would have to plead for their lives to the unrelenting and uncaring monarch. Moreover, this is the perception that Meghan wants people to have of her in-laws.

When has she cared about anyone else other than herself? She believes she is a feminist because she wants in front of her husband, who is why she has a platform. Meghan hates that the attention is not on her, but one question remains. How will she spin the narrative now that Her Majesty is gone? She never thought of what would happen after the Queen’s passing.

Little did she realise that she wouldn’t be able to get away with slamming the family when Charles ascended the throne. God only knows what will happen with the coronation. Also, the media in the UK has woken up to Meghan’s digs at the royal family. They’ve been smart enough to pull the camera away from her in broadcasting the memorials to Her Majesty.

The Situation With The Car Possession

One example was when the cars containing Queen Camilla, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Meghan came out of Buckingham Palace. The BBC showed who was in the first car, the Queen Consort and the Princess of Wales. However, they didn’t reveal who was in the second. If anything, this was a deliberate move to keep the focus on farewelling The Queen and not on Meghan’s latest bullshit narrative.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that Meghan looked awkward on the walkabout she and Harry did with the Prince and Princess of Wales. I applaud Harry for stopping his wife from walking in front of the new Prince and Princess of Wales. I’m sure there was a massive blowup when they left. Also, it must have killed Meghan to tell well-wishers that “the family appreciate the sympathies.”

Despite following his wife’s obvious lead, Harry did love his grandmother; that is clear. However, I have always found it astonishingly ignorant of his need to drag his whole family into unnecessary drama because they did not see Meghan as the new Princess Diana. I’ve addressed this in an article about the Spencer family’s reaction to Harry claiming his then-girlfriend was like his mother.

The Unsympathetic Climb Of A Social Climber

I’m surprised Meghan didn’t demand she be a part of the Vigil of the Princes (and Princesses). She has to be one of the most unsympathetic clowns to ever walk through the doors of Buckingham Palace. She doesn’t understand tradition, and she has no time for it. All she wants is money and fame. Again, I sound like a broken record player here, but there is no other way to describe it.

As Tom Bower points out in his book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between The Windsors, Markle’s social climbing ways started when she got with her first husband, Trevor Engelson. By marrying an up-and-coming Hollywood producer, she thought her name would be put in lights as a famous A-lister. However, even he could see she wasn’t A-list material.

I’ve said multiple times that I had never heard of Meghan before 2016. When it was announced she and Harry were dating, I assumed it was another fling that would go nowhere. Little did I suspect they would get engaged and then marry. Thinking back on it now, I am gobsmacked that Her Majesty allowed the marriage to happen. However, like so many others, I have an inkling as to why she did.

Did Harry Blackmail His Grandmother With Racism Claims?

What are the chances that when Harry went to his grandmother and requested her permission, he threatened to tell the world that the family was racist if she didn’t comply? This is a common theory that did the rounds a few years ago. Again, he put out that statement claiming the press was racist when no one knew Meghan was biracial. Thinking back on it, this is where the trouble started.

Another thing I have addressed was Meghan’s claims of racism when she had a multicultural wedding with an African-American preacher flown in. Also, if the UK was racist, why were there crowds gathered? I’ve also mentioned in another post that the Kingdom Choir, an African-British singing group, backed Charles when the racism allegations were thrown around. This says a ton about Meghan’s unsympathetic nature. She wants to be the victim and create a divide because she didn’t get what she wanted, and that was to sit on the throne.

Meghan Should Have Gone After Prince William If She Wanted To Be Queen Consort

As I’ve said multiple times, if she wanted to be Queen Consort, she should’ve gone after William sooner. Also, there is no way he would’ve dated her, let alone married her. He’s not a stupid man. Though, I think the American media is trying to push that narrative because a recent article by Elle Magazine (as mentioned by RoyalInstablog on Twitter) has said that when the Prince of Wales becomes King, Meghan will be Queen Consort.

Either the journalist who wrote this piece confused Meghan with Catherine, or it was done on purpose. Though, it has been a long week. Elle was one of Meghan’s go-to media outlets, and it likely still is. She has written a few articles for them, the last being in 2016. Any outlet that has had associations with her doesn’t deserve the time of day. Nor can they be trusted to report the truth. Note, I’m not talking about Meghan’s version of it, which are straight-up lies.

Omid Scobie The Unsympathetic Lapdog

Omid Scobie is a well-known lapdog that Meghan appears to have speed dial. He was the one who said that she was joining Harry on his trip to Balmoral the day Her Majesty died. When that news came out, I knew it was a straight-out lie because Catherine wasn’t going. Not only did she have to pick up her three children from their first day at their new school, but she and William appeared to have agreed that it was inappropriate for her to go and that someone had to tell the kids about their great-grandmother.

The only royal spouses that went were Camilla and Sophie. Sir Timothy Laurence didn’t go either, from what I’ve seen. He could’ve been there, but I don’t know, and I’m not going to look it up. I remember watching the coverage when it started trickling online of what was going on, and I do not recall seeing Tim’s name mentioned at all.

Also, it has caught people’s attention that Meghan’s Wikipedia page (as per screenshots by DramaLamaNL on Twitter) was updated to reflect that she was King Charles III’s daughter-in-law. First, who cares? Everyone knows that she’s Harry’s wife and, therefore, the King’s daughter-in-law. It’s not rocket science. The UK is mourning, and she wants people to know she’s related (via marriage, I might add to the simpletons out there) to the new King.

I Am Unsympathetic To Meghan’s PR Plug

I have a massive problem with Meghan’s PR push. Sunshine Sachs has also been rumoured to have dumped her and Harry as clients. Why? Because the speculation says that they can’t get other clients to vouch for the Sussexes, they had to cut ties with them. Ooh. I bet Meghan was fuming when she got that phone call.

News travels fast in Hollywood, and if I were any PR representative contacted, I would turn her down; screams of racism be damned. I would not want her as a client, especially after everything she put Gina Nelthrope-Cowne through.

According to Tom Bower, a constant pattern is Meghan’s unsympathetic nature. Another example I want to mention is that her aunt said that when her uncle – Doria’s brother – died, there was no condolence message. This is hypocrisy on Markle’s part. She claims to be compassionate and kind, but she neglects people, especially those who helped get her where she is today. Mainly her dad, who has been sick due to having a severe stroke. She has not reached out to him but attends the memorials to her Majesty The Queen. Now, this is what I call substantial double standards.

Sophie Sees Through Meghan’s PR Push

Something else that I watched go over was the car ride. Camilla and Catherine were in the first car while Meghan and Sophie were in the second. It has been said that it was the Countess of Wessex’s decision to be in the car with Meghan. However, while I believe this to a degree, it has been said (again, another rumour) that Meghan was trembling in her boots because she wanted to alk in the possession and not be with the other ladies. However, she was told she couldn’t as it was only for blood relatives, meaning children and grandchildren.

Also, Sophie is not a stupid woman. She worked in PR before she married Prince Edward in 1999. She has training in public relations, so she knows what Meghan is attempting to do to usurp the monarchy. Also, Meghan looked like she did not want to be in that car with the Countess.

[Credit: US Weekly]

I greatly admire Sophie as she and Edward had to step up when Harry and Meghan stepped down. What’s more, the Wessexes were working but were rarely seen or heard from. Now, they’re front and centre where they should be. They have never taken the monarchy for granted.

The Close Bond Between Sophie And Her ‘Mama’

Sophie had a close connection to Her Majesty and referred to her affectionately as ‘Mama.’ The Queen, in turn, thought of Sophie as a second daughter. Then we have Meghan, who will probably claim she had a close bond with The Queen. She implied this during the Oprah interview when she said she picked up the phone to ‘call The Queen’ when Prince Philip got sick. Here’s the issue with that. You don’t just ‘pick up the phone and call the Queen.’ No, you have to book an appointment to see her. It will be the same with Charles.

I know there is a process when seeing the monarch through what happened with Megxit. The Sussexes ordered that they saw The Queen immediately and were told they couldn’t because Her Majesty was busy when they wanted to see her and had to wait a few days.

The Wife’s Unsympathetic Nature Shows She’s Not Special

Meghan makes up crap on the spot and expects the world to believe it because she thinks she’s special. She doesn’t believe in fact-checkers because it is “her truth” she is telling. I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as a person’s truth. That is why she and Harry were called out in the first place after the crapfest with Oprah. Also, she doesn’t care that what she says could potentially damage everyone in her husband’s family.

Not to mention, she doesn’t consider his feelings. All she wants is the money that comes with being married to a royal. However, Harry is not all that wealthy in his own right. Elon Musk is like 100 times richer. Though, the downside of being with Elon Musk comes with a holey mattress – if his on/off baby mama, Grimes, is to be believed – and no title.

The Modern Day Wallis Simpson, Duchess Of Windsor

It was always about the title and the status. Essentially, Meghan is the modern-day Wallis Simpson who loved the perks of being royal but hated her husband, Edward VIII, later the Duke of Windsor. The parallels are crazy, including that black dress Meghan wore on the Oprah interview with the lotus on the shoulder that everyone says looks like bird poop. Yeah, I agree it looks like shit. Someone even made a video that looks like a bird flew in and crapped on her shoulder.

What makes me laugh is Meghan’s lack of empathy, yet she expects people to give her empathy towards her. It works both ways. This is why I’m choosing to call her unsympathetic she has no compassion for anyone. Her podcast episodes show she doesn’t even respect A-list celebrities, the crowd she is so desperate to be a part of. She talks over Serena Williams, and she even got called out by Mariah Carey, who has since come out in support of her, but I think she was threatened into praising her. Though, Mimi isn’t someone who intimidates easily.

Not The Same As Prince Philip

Then, we get to the One Young World speech, where Meghan mentions herself at least fifty times in seven minutes. Can she not go a total of one address without referencing herself? She loves herself, which shows when she pretends to care about the royals. Look at the statement she put out when Prince Philip died. She claimed she had a close bond with the Duke of Edinburgh because they were both outsiders who married into “The Firm.”  I wrote about this, and I have to say, even now, I am appalled by her unsympathetic approach to comparing herself to Prince Philip. Nothing she does comes across as selfless. This is just like when she would later compare herself to Nelson Mandela. As would Harry.

Prince Philip gave up his Danish and Greek citizenship and titles to marry the woman he loved. This is what I call incredibly selfless. He wanted to marry the Princess of York, so he gave up everything he had ever known to be with her. Meghan didn’t give up her US citizenship or business manager to be with Harry. Instead, she put everything in storage; it has been alleged that and kept only the essential people who would help craft her dream of celebrity and fame. All The Queen was to Meghan was “Harry’s grandmother.”


Meghan got a pass that many royal women who married into the family had to earn. She got fast-tracked and got privileges that Catherine had to work towards. Markle got to do an engagement with Her Majesty only a couple of months into her marriage to Harry. It took the Princess of Wales several years to get the same honour.

Also, Meghan attended Christmas at Sandringham as a royal partner, not yet married into the family. Catherine and Sophie had to wait until they were married to do this. How can Markle say she was mistreated when she got more than Kate ever did in her relationship with William?

Titles, But No HRHs

The final point I have the news that the Sussex children will become Prince and Princess. But they will not have HRH. Meghan and Harry are using Beatrice and Eugenie as examples of non-working royals with HRHs. Here’s the difference between the Sussexes and the York sisters.

Beatrice and Eugenie do not profit off their titles and live in the UK. I believe that Archie and Lilibet should not be allowed to have any title, HRH or not. If they did have them, it doesn’t guarantee they would get security. Beatrice and Eugenie do not have protection and they have HRHs. Their security details were removed in 2011.

In conclusion, all Meghan wants to use the kids’ titles as leverage in the case of a divorce. It will also be a way to make money, despite titles not being recognised in the US.

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