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Channel 10 Joins Lisa Wilkinson In Trying To Prove Brittany Higgins’s Rape Happened

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Channel 10 and Lisa Wilkinson have been thrown in the deep end and are being sued by alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann, who allegedly raped Brittany Higgins in March 2019. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the accused was allegedly sexually attracted to Ms Higgins and tried to kiss her at a work function days before the alleged rape occurred.

It is alleged that Higgins rebuffed her colleague’s advances politely and that he was sent home. Lehrmann filed his defamation case against star journalist and former The Project presenter Lisa Wilkinson and Channel 10 in February. Samantha Maiden, a journalist, has also been caught up in the drama as she wrote the publication’s piece on Higgins’ allegations.

Did Bruce Lehrmann Lie?

News Life Media, the company owned by Newscorp, insist that Lehrmann lied about why he was at Parliament House the night Brittany was raped. reports that Samantha Maiden, who was also caught up in the defamation drama with Channel 10 and Wilkinson, wrote that he lied multiple times to the police. According to the linked article, the accused claimed on five occasions that he had returned to get his keys. On another six occasions, he claimed that he went to update folders for Question Time, though no folder left the building.

Moreover, he allegedly lied to security at parliament house and top staff about why he was there. He reportedly did the same with the police when he was questioned about signing Brittany into the building.

Then he allegedly lied about going to parliament house to drink whisky. This is what he told former Linda Reynolds’ chief of staff. Reynolds’ office was allegedly where Lehrmann raped Higgins.

Lehrmann allegedly lied when he claimed he had no idea that Ms Higgins was intoxicated. He allegedly had zero “intimate contact” with her outside of flirting. He also claims he received no phone calls while inside Parliament House.

For more on the story, please visit the article linked above.

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