Markle v. Markle!


Wow, we never thought we’d be typing the words, Markle v. Markle! Are we living in an alternative universe? Look out, Meghan! Samantha is coming for you! The sisters are finally going to war over comments made during last year’s Oprah interview, according to TMZ, who broke the story. This is all too juicy! The case filing, which can be found in the public domain, highlights the lies Meghan told Oprah about her sister.

While the court filing speaks for itself, there was a load of things that didn’t end up making the final interview. However, additional footage was shown the day after the main interview had aired. There were also lies about Sam to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, which were unearthed in Jason Knauf’s emails.

Things Meghan alleges about Samantha include:

  • She barely knew her sister, and they had only been in contact less than a handful of times. There are photos debunking this, especially that now-infamous photo of Samantha at her college graduation in 2008 with Meghan present.
  • Samantha had reverted her surname to Markle upon Meghan’s relationship with Harry becoming public. Sam concludes this is false as her college degree (from 2008) clearly states her last name as Markle.
  • Samantha had lost custody of all three of her children, and her children were all from different fathers. Sam says both these facts are false.
  • Meghan was raised as an “only child.” Samantha says she saw Meghan often as she [Meghan] was growing up. The most obvious fact is they are half-sisters. They share a father in Thomas Markle Snr.

Markle v. Markle About To Get Very Ugly!

These are just a handful of things that the Markle v. Markle lawsuit has noted. If you’ve been following the Sussex saga for a while, you’ll know that Samantha is the only member of the Markle family who is willing to do something about her disrespectful sister. She also wrote a book.

Thomas and Tom Jr haven’t done much. Thomas has done a few interviews, and Tom Jr wrote a letter to Harry, which he later apologised for on Big Brother VIP in Australia. Of course, they love Meghan. She’s their daughter and little sister. However, even family can go rogue.

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