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Why The Dismissal Of The Bruce Lehrmann Rape Trial Is A Problem

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Brittany Higgins is a rape survivor. She has faced her alleged rapist, Bruce Lehrmann, in court. Since the traumatic 2019 incident, Ms Higgins has been fighting to bring her abuser to justice. She bought the allegations forward in early 2021 on two Australian media outlets, The Project and

One of her biggest supporters was Lisa Wilkinson, whose Logies speech in mid-2022 became controversial. The address caused the delay of the court case, given the journalist’s involvement as a witness. She was later dropped as a witness, as per

Bruce Lehrmann is like every other man who has denied raping a woman. But, according to him, there was no intimacy between him and Brittany on the night in question. How many times can any rape denier use that excuse? Why would Ms Higgins put herself through the scrutiny of being attacked by his supporters and in the media if it didn’t happen?

The Common Belief

There is a common belief that if only one or two people come forward, it could be about money. However, if a bunch of individuals come out, there’s more strength behind the story. That is why Tarana Burke started the #MeToo movement in 2006 on MySpace to support women who are being sexually abused.

Brittany leaving her dream job due to her alleged abuser is not something liars would do. While this is just one opinion, politics is a seedy field and always has been when it comes to its hierarchy. If one person plays up, a dozen will support them, not their alleged victim. This is what happened to Ms Higgins.

Having Bruce Lehrmann’s case shut down is a slap in the face for anyone, women or men, who are abuse victims. Brittany’s story has not changed once, and she is being vilified. A person who lies about assault does not keep a consistent story. 

The Amber Heard Example And Applauding Bravery

Look at Amber Heard as one example. Her story changed multiple times. Yet, anyone telling the truth can tell the same story without missing a beat. However, it is common, as per Top Ten Beyond The Screen, for people’s stories to change in a court case. Also, her overacting didn’t help the matter.

Johnny did change his story at times, but again, this is pretty standard as memories come and go.

Brittany Higgins is a woman that needs to be applauded for her bravery. But, unfortunately, her mental health has worsened if the news reports are to be believed. Emma Webster, a friend and supporter of Ms Higgins, told on December 2nd that Brittany is currently receiving mental health treatment in Queensland.

Supporting Brittany

It is no wonder that the heaviness of the last four years has taken a toll on her. We need to stand with Brittany and show her the love and support she deserves. Instead, the courts have failed her, which is a step backwards for sexual assault victims. They chose to believe a rapist over a victim whom doctors closely monitor. 

In conclusion, the justice system wonders why victims are too scared to speak up. They fear not being believed, and the Bruce Lehrmann rape case is of many that will turn the tide against going to the police and having been put through the court system only to be told that you had everything up. This should not be allowed to stand.

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