Why Australia’s Political Bigwigs Needs To Be Knocked Down Several Pegs


Brittany Higgins deserves justice.

[CAUTION: This post discusses sexual assault]

Zac Crellin of Pedestrian.TV has written a great piece highlighting Brittany Higgins, a young woman who was in a job she loved before it was cruelly ripped away from her. She was a victim of rape by a rising star in the Australian political arena. Her rapist was fired ten days after she reported the incident. Ms Higgins should’ve felt safe, but to be attacked in her boss, Linda Reynolds’ office, shows how dodgy politics in Australia can be.

When the story came out, Linda Reynolds called Ms Higgins a “lying cow”, according to Georgia Hitch of the ABC. Despite apologising, the senator is just like her thuggish male colleagues who only care about their status. While every rape victim deserves to be believed until evidence says otherwise, as with what happened to singer Justin Bieber.

According to Senator Reynolds, her comment wasn’t aimed at Higgins. She doesn’t want to lose her reputation. It’s people like her that give Australian politics a bad name. Why not just own up to your mistake?

Furthermore, when Ms Higgins spoke to Lisa Wilkinson on The Project, she didn’t miss a beat. She remembers much of what happened on that horrible night in 2019. Her career meant a lot to her, so why would she invent a story? Moreover, she is one of the many brave people who SHOULD be speaking up. Brittany is a warrior. She is fearless and brave in every sense.

Conclusively, yes, there are people who fake rape stories to get attention. Brittany, however, is not one of them. Every time she recounts what happened, it is the same narrative. Those who lie about being attacked cannot keep their stories straight.

Moreover, you can hear in Brittany’s voice the confidence that she is telling the truth.

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