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Why Meghan Was Never Going To Go Back To Suits – OPINION

Meghan Suits Return

Meghan Markle will not have a return to “her” show, Suits, if the spinoff show, Suits: LA, ends up going ahead. Sure, she claims to be proud of her time on the series, but she now dubs acting as beneath her. Markle can have her PR team or whoever writes her puff pieces to say she wants to be a director, producer, writer or whatever but we all know she has a lazy work eithic.

A return to the Suits spinoff is not what Meghan wants to happen because she thinks she is doing so well marching off her royal titles and all. However, the comments from the Suits cast who attended the Golden Globes are probably a reason for her to stay away.

Gina Torres took a dig at her, as did Gabriel Macht. Though, Patrick J Adams seems to still holds a candle for Meghan, despite the clear objections of his wife, Troian. It’s also clear that Sarah Rafferty doesn’t have much of a relationship with Markle if her Instagram feed is any indication. She is still friends with the other members of the cast, though.

Meghan Not Making A Return To Suits Makes Sense

It makes sense if a feud is going on, given that the Suits cast were not invited to Meghan and Harry’s wedding reception in 2018, despite it being claimed they were her “family.” Says so much about the former actress’ feelings towards her so-called chosen “family.”

The Suits cast probably has a ton of dirt on Meghan that they’ve never shared. Tom Bower (we think) hinted in Revenge that when Markle got with Harry, her attitude drastically changed. It’s almost like she was power-hungry because of who her boyfriend was, never mind that he dubbed his stepmother as the power-hungry one.

Suits: LA Is Better Off Without Meghan

Notwithstanding, Meghan is probably upset that her former co-stars got to attend the Golden Globes without her. In other words, she’s probably offended by it. Also, could she have a violent streak? Maybe this is why the cast has nothing to do with her. Perhaps they came to their senses when they realised she acted like Princess Diana. Moreover, they could have also seen how delusional Meghan was in believing that being royal meant instant wealth.

If the cast does appear in Suits: LA, they could explain what happened to Rachel. It wouldn’t end the world if she weren’t in it. Conclusively, they are better off without Meghan returning.

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