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10 Times Meghan Markle Acted Like Princess Diana

Diana Meghan

We’ve spoken previously about Meghan Markle’s obsession with Diana, Princess of Wales, but never covered how the former actress acts like the mother-in-law she never met.

Let’s have a little bit of fun now and look at ten times Meghan has acted like Diana. This is part one. Part two is coming soon.

1. The Hand Gestures

Diana Meghan
[Credit: Daily Express]

One time that stands out is when Meghan closed her own car door and held the pose for photos. Meghan also dressed like Diana. Judi James told the Daily Express that Markle was NOT copying the late Princess of Wales.

Given what we know from some of Meghan’s former friends, it’s obvious what she was attempting to do.

2. The Poses

Diana Meghan
[Credit: India Today]

Many people raised red flags about Meghan being in a relationship with Prince Harry early because of his mother issues. One of those red flags was the photo comparison you see above: the outfit, the pose, the serious expression.

There are a ton of examples of this. One of them being this one from the Oprah Interview and Panorama interview, respectively.

[Credit: The New York Times]

3. Acting Naive

If there is one thing that Diana was but Meghan was not, it is that she was naive. Meghan acts naive to the world of royals, yet she claims to have been an intelligent woman. Also, Markle was in her mid-30s when she married Harry, while Diana was in her early 20s when she married Charles.

Meghan was not naive. She acted this way to make herself look appealing to Harry because everyone knew everything about him, and she had to make out she didn’t. We know from photos (thanks to Meghan’s Mole for finding this one) that Markle did know about the royal family.

[Credit: Twitter/X – Meghan’s Mole]

Meghan, in the above picture, is researching The Queen. You can tell by the silhouette. Also, her former childhood friends said that she watched Diana and Charles’ wedding, wept during Diana’s funeral and had a copy of Andrew Morton’s book on Diana on her bookshelf.

4. Life Story Aspects

Meghan has made claims that directly mirror Diana’s life. One example is when she claimed she was suicidal when she was pregnant with Archie. Diana threw herself down the stairs during her pregnancy with Prince William. Moreover, Markle has also claimed that people were trying to bring her down. Diana used to say that all the time about the “men in grey suits.

The former actress also claims to have had a difficult childhood, like Diana did. However, Meghan’s father and siblings have debunked this with photos and video of her as a child.

5. Dressing

We’ve covered this before, but Meghan has a habit of dressing like Diana.

6. “Royal Abuse”

Diana claimed that she was abused by the British royal family, more like abused by Charles ignoring her and not listening to her, hence the reason why she threw herself down the stairs while she was pregnant.

Meghan claims that the family were abusive towards her because she is mixed-race or black, as she puts it. However, she makes claims she cannot back up. Charles neglected Diana because of how different they were.

7. Cutting People Off

One of the big things that Meghan and Diana have in common is cutting people out of their lives. Diana had cut Fergie out of her life and they had not reconciled by the time Diana died.

Meghan has cut out everyone from her past, except her mother.

8. Revenge Dress

Diana Meghan
[Credit: Business Insider]

When Diana tried to move away from Prince Charles, she wore what is dubbed the revenge dress. Meghan, after Megxit was announced, wore an emerald green outfit which in a lot of ways is her own revenge dress as it was her last royal engagement. However, it was not her own revenge dress.

Meghan wanted to upstage Catherine, the Princess of Wales’ gold dress from the James Bond premiere and wore a red dress to the Intrepid Gala, which ultimately backfired.


9. Car Incident

Meghan is so obsessed with Diana that it is speculated that she was the one who orchestrated the NYC car chase, where it was claimed the paparazzi were chasing them. This was later debunked by Eric Adams, New York’s mayor. Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.

10. Media Tactics

Meghan and Diana were both media savvy and would manipulate their media into doing what they wanted, but would get upset when it didn’t go their way. They’ve both called the paparazzi.

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