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Meghan Doesn’t Appear To Understand That Her ‘Limited Edition’ Jam Isn’t Special – OPINION

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Meghan Markle doesn’t understand that no one cares about her jam. She’s reportedly upset that her beloved and non-existent brand, “American Riviera Orchard” is being criticised. She believes it is “unfair criticism” that ARO is getting. Girl, no one gives two effs about your stupid commercial venture. You’re grossly unpopular due to your family-hating values where you claim you love family but keep your husband and children from their extended relatives. No family oriented woman would do that.

The American Riviera founder and the apparent love of Prince Harry’s life (see the acknowledgements of Spare), has criticised her father-in-law King Charles III’s Highgrove Estate for not growing their own produce for their products.

Meghan Markle Lies About The King’s Jam

Meghan Markle was probably upset that Highgrove and Buckingham Palace were selling out of their jam at rapid speed, hence she had to attack. However, I can prove that The King grows all his own produce.

Highgrove’s senior gardener, Jack Stooks, of more than 20 years, went on record to The Sun to explain how he gets strawberries at the estate to grow in small garden beds.

Does Meghan Have Enough Strawberries For 50 Jars Of Jam?

Another thing we need to point out is that to make 50 jars of jam, it takes about 11 kilos worth of strawberries as 1 kilo can make up to 4 jars.

It gets even better. A rumour surfaced on Twitter (X) that Meghan didn’t make the jam herself and that she had bought it from the local Farmers Market. She then slapped her own label on it and randomly numbered them. We couldn’t find the original tweet but we did find an article that references it.

Also, why didn’t Meghan go for lemon crude since her alleged Montecito property has a ton of lemon trees? Wouldn’t it be easier to make something using what you actually have access to? I do not believe for a second that Markle made 50 jars of jam. If she did have strawberries, I doubt there would be enough to make as many jars as she allegedly did. Also, did she get FDA approval before she asked her so-called influencer friends to post to Instagram? She probably thinks she’s above getting FDA approval. Look at what’s going on with Archewell’s taxes.

Meghan Is Getting Her Revenge By Setting Up A Rival To Flamingo Estate

The funniest part of Meghan Markle and her venture into jam, is that it’s not special or unique. Knowing her, she’ll probably flog the jam for $100. What’s more, this is not some random thought. It’s no secret that Meghan wants to make American Riviera Orchard to be the rival to Flamingo Estate after they refused her offer to partner with them.

Unlike Meghan, the two gents who founded Flamingo Estate are creative. They even have the backing of A-list celebrities like Will Farrell and Julianne Moore, who supply them with honey. The only A-list celebrity who backs American Riviera Orchard is Mindy Kaling—everyone else is a D-list influencer. No one would know Delfina if she wasn’t married to Nacho. No one would know Abigail Spencer if she hadn’t been one of the leads of Timeless.

The list goes on.

Meghan did not invent Strawberry Jam and she’s upset because no one outside of her circle of wannabe influencer pals wants it. Would it be surprising if it came out that she didn’t slave away over her stove and make those so-called 50 jam jars? No, it wouldn’t.

The Cooking Show Rumour

A rumour concerning Meghan’s Netflix cooking show has surfaced too, where it is alleged that she has been acting like a diva. Please take this with a huge pinch of salt.

According to, the rumour says that a Netflix employee has said allegedly that they doubt that Meghan is skilled at cooking. The reason they say this is because she comes off as ‘robotic’ and ‘fake’. She cannot even cope with the simplest of kitchen tasks and requires experts to help her to do even the basic of tasks.

It gets worse. Meghan has been compared to Brooklyn Beckham when he tried to become a ‘professional’ chef. He got massive criticism because it took a total of 62 professionals to create even a single episode of his show which cost up to $100,000. It was also pointed out that he had no experience or training in the culinary world. Check out this review of Brooklyn’s show from The Standard. It was a brutal take down.

That is what happens when you try to use your nepotism as the child of a former footballer and a Spice Girl gets you. Meghan isn’t much different. She used the fact that her dad worked in Hollywood as a crew member on some of the most noteworthy television shows of the 80s and 90s to her advantage.

Will Meghan Markle’s Jam Be Expensive?

Okay, here’s a question for you, will Meghan Markle’s jam be expensive? If she’s copying Flamingo Estate, then yeah. Her products, if the brand isn’t already floundering, will be as expensive as the more expensive lifestyle brands. There is no doubt when it comes to American Riviera Orchard that the jam will be unoriginal. She’ll probably slap a $100 price tag on it before putting on a batch number to make it feel more… what was the word? Oh, right. Limited. Sought after. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Her fans love claiming that out of season clothing Meghan wears sells out when there was only a handful of items left. That doesn’t mean that

As I’ve said before, there is nothing special about Strawberry jam. Meghan’s so-called property has a ton of lemon trees. Why didn’t she make lemon butter? Lemon curd? Heck, she could’ve also made salad dressing.

Meghan desperately wanted her name in the press to get one over on Prince William at the Diana Awards. However, she fails to realise that every time she does this, the public sees through it. The Sussex Squad can argue it is “a coincidence” all they want, but there is nothing coincidental about her trying to overshadow other people.

If anything, the jam stunt is revenge against the royal family and Flamingo Estate for not giving her what she wants.

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