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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Does Meghan Markle Have A Violent Streak?

Meghan violent

Is Meghan Markle a violent person? That is what we’re trying to work out. So, we’ve been looking through Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter, but we can’t seem to find anything that says the former actress is physically violent. However, not all violence is physical.

The reason why we’re bringing this up is because we can’t stop thinking about this photo:

Meghan Markle violent
[Credit: Quora]

We saw the original photo some time ago but cannot find it again for some strange reason. The one above is the best we can find. It’s like the image was wiped from the internet. Also, before we jump in, we want to stress that we are NOT saying Meghan Markle is legitimately violent, just that she COULD BE.

The Proof Is In The Photo Above

The photos you see above are NOT photoshopped, which brings us to the question: is Meghan Markle violent? There is limited evidence to suggest that she is, but as we’re always saying, violence is not always evident. There is such a thing as emotional abuse.

We know Meghan emotionally abuses Harry, which we’ll discuss in an upcoming Spartan Initiative post.

So, the pictures were taken during the Moroccan Tour, where it is alleged, if Tumblr user Monster Markle is correct, is where the Sussexes overstepped big time. If you thought the Australian Tour was bad, Meghan and Harry treated the then-teenaged Crown Prince like garbage.

Confirming The Tea-Throwing

Anyway, we’re here to discuss violent outbursts from Meghan Markle. So, Tom Bower confirmed the longstanding rumour in his book Revenge of the tea-throwing incident at Admiralty House in Sydney. Since this was a physical assault, it counts towards the former actress being heavy handed.

The bite mark and black eye on Harry could be from anything. One suggestion that you could say is that he’s into kinky sex. Though, this doesn’t quite explain the black eye. Meghan, at this point, was supposed to be pregnant with Archie. There are rumours that she was wearing a moon bump and all this stuff, but who knows when it comes to her and her prince.

Finally, a massive question mark still remains over what happened to Meghan’s pet beagle Guy’s two front legs. She claims the dog was with the dog walker while she was working on Suits, and the animal went missing and was found with two broken front legs. How can that be when the supposed “engagement” picture of Harry on one knee propping Guy up was supposed to at Nottingham Cottage? Also, anyone who has animals knows you don’t take your ill pets on any flight – domestic or international – unless it has clearance from a vet.

Thomas Markle Junior did say in his letter to Harry not to leave his sister unsupervised around animals or children.

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